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“I am the master commander!”

There I was wondering what I’d talk about today, and then I clicked on a chain email from my mum, saw this and decided to ask if a) any of you think it’s real, b) if so how it’s done and c) if not, how it’s done.


It’s a mini-Transformer that hasn’t earnt its car parts yet.

This guy, on the other hand, has let us into the secret of scaring people shitless in Target. (Thanks to Cassie for Twittering this ages ago!)


Scaring people shitless… Hahaha…





7 thoughts on ““I am the master commander!”

  1. I always seem to get the significant numbers! Guess I’m just special…:) The guy in the 2nd. is. mental.


  2. Card trick – either a complete hoax and therefore CGI, magnets+string, or, I don’t think people should ever rule out REAL MAGIC. Although I don’t think that is an example of it…:)


  3. 2nd one is really funny. guy definitely has a screw loose but hey, that’s fine by me! Got one of those faces that compels you to watch – thinks it’s the slightly deranged eyes 🙂


  4. SPOILER ALERT 🙂 card trick – sorry I’m the party pooper, but it’s not real (well I don’t think so!). if you freeze it at 1.06 where the guy runs across the shot, if you can get the exact frame, the cardman isn’t in the guy’s shadow – the shadow is on the floor around him but he’s still well lit. I’d guess some of it is CGI type stuff, some of it is clever camera angles – when the crowd are sounding surprised / gasping / looking puzzled, the cardman isn’t in shot so you’ve no idea what they’re reacting to. lots of tonal variation in sound and lighting changes as if weather is inconsistent – but it’s pretty smartly done all the same 🙂 oh dear, I’ve really rained on this parade 😦
    but try watching Dynamo, magician impossible if you really want to be dumbfounded by magic!


    1. Ah, let’s be honest, the parade wasn’t to be trusted in the first place.

      I think that’s a metaphor, but I’m too tired to tell… Interpret at will!

      Saw one Dynamo show. Couldn’t work it out at all, so stopped watching! It can’t be real, it can’t be real…


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