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I’ve Got Some Good News, Some Bad News and Some My Chem Stuff.


The bad news is that for the next three-and-a-half months, I will be inundated with GCSE revision/exams and tendonitis. After my last exam, which is on the 27th June, I will simply be inundated with tendonitis. This means that there are going to be lots of short, snappy posts  in the near future, because, although I got a wrist-brace from physio (tentatively named Bernie), all my energy will be focussed on getting good enough grades to get into the sixth form I want.

The good news is that throughout May and June, there will be posts written by Isobel, as we will be publishing the diary she’ll keep while in Morocco on World Challenge in April. I will also be continuing with the MCRmy Census and The Webways (census is open until 30th April, tell your friends), but at an (even) slower pace than before. I love reading all your entries almost as much as I love bitching about logging them… More even, sometimes. The also-good-news is that I’m planning blogs and sorting dates to publish them, so Indifferent Ignorance can maintain some facsimile of normality while I battle test papers and hoard ibuprofen.

Sounds like a song title. Speaking of which. The next record will be about Christmas trees. Oh, and don’t forget to vote for our resident favourite band in MTV’s March Madness thingy. But don’t vote so much you end up with wrists like yours truly. Bernie is lovely, but makes me feel like an old lady.


4 thoughts on “I’ve Got Some Good News, Some Bad News and Some My Chem Stuff.

  1. Personally, my fav names are

    Dakota (forget the directions, just Dakota)
    Indiana (so i can pretend i’m the big guy with the whip)
    Idaho (It just sounds good, shouting “Giddy Up Idaho!!”)


  2. Frank – You ARE a little old lady. Emphasis on the little. You’ve got the height, the arithritis, and even a hunch – back and slow speed .

    I’m sorry. That made me feel good. I’ve been slobbing on the sofa.

    I’m very very very very very very honoured to get to do stuff on the blog. And, i save your wrist at the same time – two birds with one set of hands (mine, not yours, obviously). It’s gonna be sooooooooooo gooooooddddd…….

    2 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even that. In two days, i’ll be on a plane….. I’m sooo excited!!!!!!!

    I must pop off for a second or two. jemma is walking up my drive with what looks suspiciously like a very nice easter egg. Yep, i’m right. Woooo

    I’m back! It was. I took Milo out to see Lianne and Emma who were waiting in the car. It looks like a very nice easter egg. Belgium choc with chocs inside!!!!

    I look forward to eating it.

    Soooo, whilst in Morocoo, i expect lots of whining, bitch fights and screaming. Lots of trampiness, sweat, and blood. Gallons of tears, and not drops of sweat, buckets would be more appropriate.

    Is this long enough for a sub – blog? It better be. Because u have another to do, and an email to send.

    If it’s any consolation, i’ll try and bring back a camel….. Oh, and anyone have any ideas for names for camels? If there are quite a few, i thought we coiuld always name them after American states. I had that thouyght this morning in the shower. I had just watched a Friends ep where they try to name all 50 states in 6 mins, and then i walked past the Matons house when i was walking Milo, and wondered how Ellens Cacti are doing. We named them after states. I believe they are called Orlando, Texas, California and Mississipi. I think.

    That’s all. Toodle pip. xxx 😀


    1. I seem to remember the phrase ‘we don’t need another cactus called California’, now you mention the cacti. I’m sure they’re fine. In fact, now the humans are gone, the plants are probably having wild partiez.

      Haha, cacti dancing.

      Excuse me, hunch-back? Sugar, I have no back to hunch. And because of physio, I’m learning to sit straight when typing.

      I like the idea of naming camels after states, although I think it’d be tough to smuggle one through customs – they’re quite big, if I remember a disasterous outing in Lanzarotte corectly.



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