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Retweeted from @GerardWayPics, which had been Retweeted by @MCRmy_India, and showed up on the @MCRmyCensus timeline.

This was almost definitely taken before Donnie was born, since there’s beer by Gerard’s arm, but let’s not quibble… Reincarnation?!

Just did some Twitter stalking. Donnie the first may be a Donnette, named Bessina. What she was doing in Gerard’s lap is unclear.


NB: I’m working on a longer post, it just takes me a while to type these days.


3 thoughts on “Twitter-Inspired Post: “WHAT IN THE HELL IS GERARD WAY DOING WITH MY DOG?”

  1. Oh My Dog indeed! I think I’d be bummed if no one said that. (And now we both have!)

    I shall send out Twitter messages saying “COMMENT ON BEL’S BLOGS BECAUSE THEY ARE ABOUT CAMELS IN AFRICA!” Then, you shall be even more popular than the normal blogs.

    Which, let’s face it, are pretty damn good.

    Ernie it is – and your scenario is definitley true. Remind me to ask My Chem about the whole thing when I am Rich And Famous and Have Access. Donnie IV dserves to know who his ansestors are.


  2. Oh My God!!! (Just to let you know, i was considering saying Oh My Dog, but y’know. Tad on the cheesy side)

    It’s Donnnnnniiieeee the first! I think you must have Donnie III or IV.

    Impressive. It’s nice to dream though.

    OR: Gerard went to the Neraida or Mill or something, Mikey and Ray and Frank had beer, and he found Donnie and gave him a hug???? I’m great with scenarios. And i like that idea.

    I mean if George Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Mick Jagger and various footballers go there, what’s to stop MCR going?????

    Yes, lets agree that this is waht happened. Exactly like that.

    This is a short sub-blog. I’m emailing everyone, including you Frank, and have already wriitten two. I hope you’re happy now. requesting such lengthy comments. I could get a Bernie myself. If i do, i’ll name it Ernie though. Don’t fret, i won’t steal Bernie’s name!

    And such violent text message reminders you send. You’d have thought you care more about the blog and its comment ratings, then say, me?! Or, you just like reading my writing. What will happen, when, come the Morocco Diaries posts, you want comments?I can hardly comment on my own work. I shall leave the commenting down to you there me thinks.


    i was gonna say ta ta, but was thiunking of something else to say.

    Like, sorry for my grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m trying to touch type here, so don’t be picky.

    It’s very impossible for me to touch type (as you can see) because i can only type with my two middle fingers. I have no idea why, but i’m just technically deformed in that way. I can sometimes use my ring finger for the E, S, A, SHIFT and CAPS LOCK, but otherwise, its just the two middle ones.

    Good to let you know that.

    TaTa. xx 😀


    1. Now I think about it, Mikey doesn’t drink anymore either – if I remember correctly, which I probably do because, while I have a complete inability to remember what an atom contains, I can spew out random My Chem facts pretty much in my sleep.

      My question is: why? Let me finish my exams, brain.


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