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Introducing My First Ever Piece of Non Satirical/Deadly Serious MCR Work.

I wasn’t going to blog any more this year, but then I finished some stuff I’ve been working on since May or June, and thought I’d share it with you lot as a happy new year gift. Or, alternatively, a ‘hope this makes your gloomy January better’ present.

You want to see each piece separately? Of course you do (click to enlarge to full-sized glory).


There is a lyric from every original song in there, I think, but one of them is wrong. I did redo it (twice) but then I remembered that age-old saying “Would you destroy something perfect in order to make it beautiful?” and watched television instead.

If any of you could suggest proper titles for each piece, as well as a collective title, I’d appreciate it, because at the moment they are up on my DeviantART profile with really lame names. The only thing I can come up with is ‘Spot the Mistake’, which isn’t the most promotional title out there…

I really won’t blog until 2012 now.


3 thoughts on “Introducing My First Ever Piece of Non Satirical/Deadly Serious MCR Work.

  1. They look great! I have no imagination so I can’t help you name them, ask Isobel, she’s good at naming things.

    Happy New Year by the way!

    (Oh and I hope Maxim’s feeling better)


    1. Happy belated New Year back at you! (Although I was sitting next to you as Big Ben struck twelve, so all this is really surplass smalltalk.)

      Thank you!


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