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In case you hadn’t twigged, I’m not partaking in ‘Post a Day’

Why hello, children. Happy 2012!

I know it’s the seventh, but I’ve been struck down by a case of Back to School Itis and a cold. But never fear, because I have some YouTube videos that you can watch, instead of me telling you what it was like having someone play the drum part of DESTROYA on the inside of my skull.


Hedwig. Hedwig.


So true, and so sad. Thank you Chantal Claret for posting this on Twitter!


Thank you Jimmy Urine for posting this on Twitter. Let’s unite! (I don’t even watch Star Trek.)

I’m sort of, possibly in the processes of planning some excellent blog posts across this year, but my workload is nearly as tall as me, so in the words of Miranda’s posh friend, “Bear with, bear with…”


2 thoughts on “In case you hadn’t twigged, I’m not partaking in ‘Post a Day’

  1. You wimp. I can barely hear, breathe or talk (congested sinuses, i even have a nasal spray – it’s one of the most disgusting things i’ve ever encountered (apart from ellen)), yet i still managed school AND Karate.

    Will watch the videos when/if my hearing returns.

    Went to doctors about it. They aren’t blocked, but the bits that link it to the sinuses might be clogged. If the nasal spray and pills don’t work, i have to go back in two weeks for a hearing test. so i might just be deaf, in which case, feel guilty for insulting me.

    I had Friday off though. It was good. xx 🙂


    1. Isobel, I’ve been half deaf since I was little, stop complaining 😛 Hearing tests are fun though, even if I did always fail them…


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