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The Story of a Man, a Woman and the Corpses of a Thousand Evil Men

I was on the fence about blogging tonight since I don’t have any pictures/anything massively cool to say, but then Twitter informed me that today’s Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’s seventh birthday.

Good enough present?

I will never get tired of this band, or this album. If you listen on headphones, really late at night when you can’t sleep for trying, you will drift off listening to the really intricate parts of these songs. You’ll be rudely awoken every other song, but it’s worth it.

If, for some reason, you have no idea what I’m on about, hit YouTube now. Ignore the bitchy comments about so-and-so being gay or the new sound being shit and all that. Well, there is one comment which keeps cropping up in one form or another which is funny:

  Justin Bieber: I’m a gift from God!

  My Chemical Romance: We didn’t send you…

You can do so many variations of this, I love it. It’s like when you read the Bible and replace God’s name with yours… Frowned upon by as many people who embrace it.

A lot like My Chem, now I think about it.


4 thoughts on “The Story of a Man, a Woman and the Corpses of a Thousand Evil Men

  1. E Sexy?

    Im not quite getting it. Is it some kind of phrase from the only way is essex? You cant blame me for not getting all of the essex lingo.

    Afterall, dad is from the land of worcester sauce and bloody hells.

    x 🙂


    1. Yeah, but you’re born and raised in the Land of the White Stiletto, right?!

      Nah, I just noticed that Essexy has the word ‘sexy’ in it…

      I’m nothing if not observant…


  2. This commenty box thing is new again, on a different computer-which proves i am NOT going mad.

    my favourite bit of the bible is where god tell someone that he is “Well pleased with them”

    clearly all chavs these days look up to god. hahahahahaha.

    thats a good opne. Do you know why? because god IS up there. apparently!!!!!!

    god i can be so funny sometimes!!!!!!!!!!!

    or am i going mad?

    it must be the mouse ears.

    Bel/Toxic Waste x 🙂 a.k.a. sub blogging Mouse, aka the abominable migraine.


    1. It’s definetly the mouse ears.

      Or maybe hanging out on here has a weird effect on people…

      Yeah, God’s an Essexy kinda guy.

      E Sexy… Hahaha!


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