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In Which I Make Lame Excuses for Not Blogging

The funny thing about half term is that some days I literally only watch television so have nothing interesting to write about. Others I’m rushed off my feet doing stuff I’d love to talk about, but don’t have time. Odd, that.

This weekend has been of the ‘rushed off feet’ category, so although I’ve finished two of the three My Chem pieces, had three separate makeovers and seen the new Pirates of the Caribbean, I haven’t gotten round to thinking about it all. Or collecting photographs. I also remembered late last night that I have a German speaking GCSE thing on Tuesday morning and haven’t learnt the required German, so please give me until midweek to catch you guys up on a) the awesome hairdo and eye makeup combination the girls did me, b) the My Chem pieces and c) how much I hate Ikea, where I went on Tuesday.

I haven’t seen this week’s Doctor Who yet, so if anyone tells me what happened tomorrow, I’m going to be pissed.


12 thoughts on “In Which I Make Lame Excuses for Not Blogging

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  2. Close. It actually said: I am a german freak who likes going on holiday.

    well thats what i typed into google translate.
    Except. when i copy and paste the outcome, and change it back into english, it comes out with:

    “I am a freak, the german will go on holiday.” hmmmmmm.

    Good luck with your exam!

    nicht scheitern Ihre Prüfung!

    x 🙂


      1. OMG, thw whole commenty layout has changed and i dont know if it is just my computer or everyones. This confusing!!!!!!!! actually, its not. I get confused easily though.

        the last bit in german said, do not fail your exam. I think. but when i put it back into english, it comes out with>……….

        not to fail your exam!

        ohhh. i thought it would be funnier. i look forward to seeing the photos!

        x 🙂


      2. It has changed! Very swish.

        Not to fail your exams, Isobel, not to fail your exams!

        No photos from El as yet, may blog about something anyway.


  3. Your blog is being stupid! Last week, it didn’t post my comment, and now, it only posted half of my second comment. It must hate me.
    I would be surprised if you even get to read this bit of my comment.

    the second post i did, said:

    Sorry, i meant germanian. But have fun revising anyway.
    I have prepared you some sayings to translate. Don’t blame me if they are insulting like last time. Google translate i8s stupid!

    here: Ich bin ein Freak, der Deutsch in Urlaub fahren will


    1. That says, I believe, something along the lines of ‘I am a freak, I am going on holiday/I am on holiday’.

      Don’t blame my blog, blame technology.


  4. Then the world can see how pretty and cute looked, not to mention tame.

    To all franks friends out there: Give her as many makeovers as you like, because secretly, she loves it. especially pink.

    havent watched any tv yet except scott and bailey. was good.

    bye for now. good luck with ghermanian.

    x 🙂


  5. You must watch Doctor Who! I was like ‘OH.MY.GOSH! :O’

    Will send you the pictures in the next couple of days.


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