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Calling on the MCRmy and Killjoys (come on guys, it’s half term… spare me a minute?!)

So I think it’s pretty obvious to everyone I know/who’s following me on Twitter by now that I’m working on a handful of My Chem-esque pieces that are, sort of, art. The first two are pretty cool, if I may say so myself, although I need to buy an ink eraser for the couple of times I wasn’t paying attention or was writing with my eyes shut (happens more than I care to admit). I do, however, need your help with the third piece.

We all know that the guys in My Chem say some interesting stuff. Often funny and usually intelligent stuff, yes? We also know that there are twenty million fangirl-created websites dedicated to the guys’ quotes. Quotes which I’m going to – artistically, of course, ahem – incorporate into this final piece. My only problem is, it’s really hard to work out what has been adapted to fit websites, mis-heard or misinterpreted (we all know now that Mikey hasn’t ever actually stuck any forks in toasters, right?). Evidence is needed.

So I’m asking you lot to do some YouTube searching and Googling, and link me quotes which the band has actually said. By that I mean: hit the comment button, write what who said and when, and link the video/recording/genuine article. You know, if it was in a New York Times piece, I’m more inclined to believe it than if it was on a blog (unless it’s Cassie’s blog. Then it’s probably accurate). I am a perfectionist when it comes to work, so if I think something isn’t one hundred per cent true, it won’t make the cut. I already have a handful, but I’m working on A3 paper and I’m supposed to be revising for three GCSEs and writing an English essay… Apparently this education lark must come before My Chem fan art. So I’m calling on you guys, since it’s half term and I know you’re nice.

If there’s a problem with commenting on here, or if the quote’s really long, email it with the link to

I will accept Gerard’s onstage ramblings.


10 thoughts on “Calling on the MCRmy and Killjoys (come on guys, it’s half term… spare me a minute?!)

  1. Now, I know from the title of this video that it will be aweful, but I thought I’d gie it to you anyway. I have not watched it myself.

    And from what I could find, my personal favourites were:
    -I wasn’t bullied at school, just ignored
    -So many people treat you like you’re a kid so you might as well act like one and throw your television out of the hotel window


    1. Reading this, I can’t tell what he said and what the (clearly insane) video person said

      The music is really awful. YOU SENT THIS TO ME, ELLEN, YOU WATCH IT!!!

      Ah. My eyes.


      1. Oh dear, I just watched it, it is aweful! I appologise for contaminating your blog with this trash!


    1. I think we may have to incorporate the shoes somewhere – and the unicorn thing, methinks. I like the onstage ramblings, they make an odd amount of sense.


    1. I’ve heard these before.

      Yes, they are a load of crap. But they are hilarious. My favourite is Gerard’s “I’m not doing anyone, I’m doing myself.”

      Heh heh.


  2. hmmmm. my comment from the other day isnt here…..?! I probably didn’t submit it properly. God, it was such a good one as well. damn it.

    seeing as you do german frank, and like mcr, i cam up with a brilliant idea. put these words into youtube. (i didnt really. i was just searching interviews for you.)

    this, makes me laugh. because it is true-they have no idea what they are saying and replying to.

    however, you, and possibly your chums (i don’t know how amny of them do german) might undersatnd a bit about what they are answering to.

    but to me, this is hilarious. because i can’t understand german, and german accents are on my list of I can;t understand these accents, as well as irish, french and indian/pakistani/punjabi theyre all the same to moi.

    And i am NOT racsist.

    had to make that clear.

    bel x 🙂


    1. I can’t understand any of the German, although I do look up this interview when I’m looking to ‘do German revision’.

      I like how Gerard and the interviewer have identical shoes, and at the beginning he’s all, ‘let’s not dwell on the soberness’ but halfway through he’s like, ‘sod it, I drink 17 beers!!!’


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