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May the Fourth Be With You, Etc.

Joke overheard while I was getting books out of my locker this lunchtime: “Prince Harry has been reported missing after going to a costume party in Pakistan.”

Heh heh.

While we’re on the subject, how stupid/genius have the people at Fox News been lately? First Glenn Beck, now this:

To slightly quote Nick Frost on Twitter, why is Osama’s picture on the news one of him looking like a misunderstood angel? Seriously. They could at least have the Towers falling in the background or something…

Anyway, who’s excited about the referendum? No, me neither. Whatever the voting system in this country, we will still end up with an arsehole in a suit and lots of broken promises, I’m not fussed on how he gets there. If you are interested, however:

In other news, My Chem have been nominated for nine billion Kerrang! awards, I live in Zone 33 and it’s Star Wars Day! May the fourth be with you! This used to come up amongst random pictures of the girls and I when you Google Image ‘Indifferent Ignorance’, I’ve been wanting to use it for ages.

This is a new one, but it seems rather appropriate in the circumstances:


I knew I forgot something! Thank you to Mike Pedicone for putting this on Twitter. The flag gets in the way, what’s God trying to tell you?


4 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You, Etc.

  1. okay. will do.
    There was the hand shake thing, where you crush the other persons hand with your knuckles, the stabbing people in the foot with the high heels we WILL, according to sensei, be wearing when we’re older, and the poke in the neck, which you turned into a punch. which hurts more.
    Fun times.
    Just, remember the kata okay?

    x 🙂


  2. Love it. My english teacher told us about star warsy day.

    i once showed lauren the tnb party thing. Y’know, to help with her politics. She didn’t get the Mass Debate bit, and just stared at me a bit blankly, until after 5 minutes it finally clicked. The joke had worn off by then, and the song had finished. Shame.

    Sooo, see you at stupid o’ clock saturday morning, ready to kill each other. I have a request. Please do NOT punch me in the neck again. it was rather painful. save that for lizzi or something. or people you just generally don’t like.
    I look forward to beating you up. All of you.

    x 🙂


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