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Well, This Has Been an Interesting Day Off.

“Don’t let her marry a Greek, will you?”

These are the wise words offered to my dad by my nan, about me, just as Will and Kate got married. At least, I think it was. I did rather have trouble paying attention after a while. Although the Archbishop – NOT THE POPE, ISOBEL, NOT THE POPE – and his crew were quite funny to watch, especially when the Archbishop stuck his hat back on. Harry is also hilarious, don’t you think? I was waiting for him to start pulling the moves ‘he’ did on the T-Mobile advert.

Also, Eugenie looked a bit like a moose in her hat. Sorry, love. Wear a better one at Harry and Pippa’s wedding, yeah?

Anyway, enough with all this wishy-washy wedding lark, on to some serious shit. In fact, it is so serious, I have to capitalise it: Serious Shit. This blog is called Indifferent Ignorance, but unless I’m discussing school, I don’t often get to talk about people with true indifferent ignorance. However, today I have found one. His name is Glenn Beck and I have to say, I agree with Frank. Of course SING is full of propaganda aimed at today’s youth, Mr. Beck. Next time you bash My Chemical Romance, get their fucking lyrics right. The same song hasn’t raised a load of money for the people of Japan, or anything. The band isn’t credited with saving lives or having one of the strongest and most loyal fanbases in the music industry. My Chem, obviously, are trying to form a cult and zap our brains.

Dude, you are four years too late, the Daily Mail got there first (hell yes, today is all about Britain).

Talking of Frank, here is a transcript of a conversation from today:

Me [to Isobel]: How’re Frank and Pansy?

Isobel: They’re good thanks. I need to clean them out.

Elizabeth [to no one in particular]: What?

Frank and Pansy, for those of you who don’t know, are Isobel’s pet fish. Frank, obviously, is named after me. Sadly, whenever I brought this up today, I got threatened with goat testicles.

Yes, you did read that right. My dad and brother went to Greece for ten days this easter, and as well as bringing back to usual olive oil, feta cheese and weird sweets (which I would have been perfectly happy with, efharisto) they also brought home a pair of goat testicles. They are so gross I can’t even bring myself to touch them, so Isobel’s new favourite threat is, “Be nice, Frank, or we’ll get the testicles out.”

The girls played catch with them. Arghhhh.

Mum handing me the testicles and then telling me what they are wasn’t the biggest surprise of the day, however. It turns out that I laugh like Janice in Friends.


Oh my God (damn, I’m doing it again). I can never laugh again. Ever.


Apparently I do a little dance as well.


By the way, I really hope Will and Kate dress any new little royals in this. I mean, I’m tempted to have kids just to dress them in MCR merch, so…

**UPDATE** 01/05/11

It turns out Gerard agrees with Frank and I too.


13 thoughts on “Well, This Has Been an Interesting Day Off.

  1. You swallowed it? What have i told you Janice, about NEVER swallowing Chewing gum.

    yeah, google him. it will do you some good.

    Meanwhile, blog and digest at the same time. its called multi-tasking.

    x 🙂


  2. hmmmmmmm, now that is a hard one. As i said in the last comment, your name is JANICE. the fishs name is FRANK. I can’t see any similarities in the names. But if your really wondering, and your little mind can’t think who i could have possibly name it after, try googling the word iero. Frank iero. It might help you out a bit.
    And now ive commented, you can carry on blogging.

    x 🙂


    rant over. Hope that’s clear to everyone now.
    Well, i suppose lauren better have one pretty much now then. what month is it in 9 months time, i wonder?
    Yes, of course you can be godmother. so can you ellen!
    Jemma, agnes, laura etc, depends if i want to let my kids near you. Probably not. I want sane kids, and i’m already letting them near frank, ellen, lauren, ross and max. Think of the kids guys, think of the kids. They don’t want to be terrorised…..
    On that note, Osama bin Laden is dead. so they won’t ever get to meet him. Neither will i for that matter.

    And my fish isn’t called janice anyway, so it can’t be named after you. Logic, my friend. Pure logic.

    Bel x 🙂 (sorry for the lengthy comment again.)


  4. Isobel’s Little Sub-blog (as requested by frank)

    I agree. A brilliant day off. Goat testicles are amazingly fun, and so untesticlely. If you get what i mean. I might order them from the neraida when we go to greece. (their on the menu for you guys who don’t have a clue what i’m talking about) It would be like my own little bushtucker trial. How i ove I’m a celeb…
    Anyway, i like your friends frank (or should i call yoiu Janice?). But you know that already.
    Also, you linked the Glenn Beck thing to Frank’s twitter page. It’s on Ray’s, but says next to it ” Frank quote”.
    get it right!!!!!!

    the fish are fine, but are NOT, i state, ARE NOT named after Frank Burke who writes this blog, or Frank Burke, a chemistry teacher at my school. Hope that’s clear for everyone.
    Love the Outfits. Makes us all want to have kids i suppose. but i think i’m too young. maybe next year?

    Bel x 🙂


    1. You can’t have children before Lauren! But I want to be godmother. Can I be godmother?

      It’s on BOTH their pages. So there, hahaha!!! These people can find out for themselves, if they want to. I’m not a My Chem fansite. Or I try not to be.

      I want to see Emma’s face when you ask.

      You cannot call me Janice, but Frank WAS named after me. Was.


  5. I’m still intrigued ’bout what yr Nan meant by the Greek comment! Is Ross behaving himself?…..and chill out MCR have a great fan base i.e. most of The Gang :-)……can’t believe i’ve put the tv on & i’m watching the Royal Wedding again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Ah, we’ve put on ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Much more fun! It’s not My Chem’s fanbase I have a problem with, it’s idiots who jump on bandwagons and can’t get lyrics correct.

      Ross and Maxim are both glued to the PS3, or whatever it’s called. So they are perfectly fine and I shall see them at breakfast.


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