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I Am Productive and Shall Prove It: Part 2

On with the show.

Francesca’s Best Artwork on Photoshop*

  Inspired by this:

*Actually, the only thing I’ve made on Photoshop this holiday.

New Experience I Should Have Tried Ages Ago: #MCRChat

Invented by Cassie Whitt, and completely crazy.

Best Amateur Video/Community Effort: Newcastle MCRmy

Anyone in Essex fancy going doing a Killjoy meetup this year?!

Most Expensive Consumer Product and Its Effect on the Consumer: Fudge Paintbox Blue Velvet Hair Dye

  75ml cost something like £9.16 (I threw away the receipt once I used it, in disgust). When Mum and I redid my stripe, we left the dye in a bit long because I sat in the garden reading Russel Brand’s first autobiography with no timer and lost track of time. Because of the foils and amount of dye used, I got an electric blue bit near my scalp and turquoise at the tips. There’s also blonde from the bleach and my normal brown up top, so I had a four-tone streak of hair! This probably doesn’t excite you as much as it does me, and the sun’s since faded the whole lot lighter so there’s no evidence, but for a few days I was living my version of the eighties.

Most Guilty Pleasure-y Bedtime Reading: the Unholy Series, by Bexless

As a person, I cannot condone writing about real people as characters, especially if you’ve never met them. As writer, I say hell yeah to anything that expands your knowledge and skills in the field. I’m really sorry, guys, but this series is the best piece of fiction I’ve read in months. Possibly the best fan fiction I’ve ever come across. If I didn’t know it was based on the members of My Chemical Romance, I wouldn’t have realised reading it, which is how some fan fics work best – the story tells itself. Maximise the screen to reduce eyestrain, the text is tiny, and if you’re homophobic or Catholic-phobic (there’s probably a long word for that somewhere), avoid at all costs.

Shameless plug on end of blog: if you want to read my Heaven Help Us, click here. And review.


2 thoughts on “I Am Productive and Shall Prove It: Part 2

  1. yep, i Am Finally commenting, after much nagging and whining to do so, from my dearest (and shortest) friendie Frank. So this is my comment.
    I know yur productive frank, and congrats on the hair dye. But i have a dare for you. I dare you to not include mcr in your blog for a month. i’m only writing this because i don’t know what else to put. but you could try it. decide yourself.
    i really hope i’ve got the apostrophes in the right place, or else i’m going to have no ears left once i’ve seen you.

    have fun reading this.

    Bel x 🙂

    p.s – i was the one who told frank about the sequels, so don’t let her take ALL the credit. 🙂


    1. I cannot freaking do that.

      I try. I mean, I actually think, ‘today I will not write about MCR’, but somehow it doesn’t happen. I’m working on it!


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