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This Five Day Week Deal is Tough Shit, My Friends (I haven’t done this since March)

Unless something very drastic and/or exciting happens in the next couple of weeks, this is going to be my last wordy blog in a while, for a couple of reasons: first, I have some exams coming up at school, and I’m told they’re a big deal… I’ve decided to revise for them, anyway (cue applause). Secondly, I seem to have botched my wrist from typing, writing and hitting the arrow keys on the keyboard incessantly.

I’m not in grave danger, but lifting a mug of coffee has started to feel like something I’d rather not do with my right hand. So until I’m ambidextrous and not being told A*s aren’t good enough, you can expect a lot of this in the coming weeks:

You’re welcome.

And yes, that is Show Pony, aka Ricky Rebel.

Is it just me, or does that girl look like Miley Cyrus?!

I’m really glad Jimmy couldn’t skate and was a Draculoid instead.


10 thoughts on “This Five Day Week Deal is Tough Shit, My Friends (I haven’t done this since March)

  1. oh yeah, i forgot about your poor wrist. better be at karate though. theres no one else short enough to go at the front of our dance routine formation.

    x 🙂


  2. Hmmm. I should do that really. One side of my top: Toxic Waste. The other side: Sub-blogging Mouse. Hmmmmm.

    So Ellen, what’s yours gonna be? Flirty fig? Lovestruck Leaf? Dazedbynick Duck? You choose. I’m sure Frank will agree with me that these are suitable names for you. Especially as I grammar checked this comment. (Try and find a grammatical mistake Frank. Just Try. I’ll even put an ampysandy thing at the end. Specially for you.)
    Fat girl that sat on my foot apologised, but i’m kinda thankful for her. I walked round the field once for a warm up. The others ran around about 5 times. Lucky me.

    Your sub blogger forever, Mouse. x 🙂

    Your ampysandy thing is here. Don’t fret, i didn’t forget. (Wow, i should become a poet.)


    That took me a long time y’know. Be grateful.


    1. Argh! That’s so brilliant! I want that on a t-shirt!


      Mistake: ‘I’ should be capitalised.

      Now I have to go, typing hurts 🙂


  3. I must admit, I too get rather excited when I see that I have an e-mail notifying me of a new blog of yours.

    Yes! Sub-blogging mouse should be your alternate killjoy name, just like Frank’s Undercover sheep/Secret Knitter.

    I look forward to any blog you get a chance to post, I don’t really mind about the number of words they contain…I won’t count them


    1. In that case, woman, comment more!

      Because that’s what makes my obsessive inbox-checking worthwhile!

      The Secret Knitter will one day own Zone 33.



  4. oh dear, that was a long one. sorry about that. you don’t have to read it all. Assuming you read this comment first. x 🙂


    1. ‘Sub-blogging mouse’ should be your alternate Killjoy name.

      *deep growly God-voice*

      “Sub-Blogging Mouse!”

      Ouchie. Which foot? Is it bruised? Did she apologise? I always count the words!

      I will blog, just with more pictures and videos than actual words for a bit.


  5. hmmmm. strange. i agree with lizzi. Like Louis Walsh would probably say, i just don’t GET him.
    oh well. The girl looks more like a girl in my year. Possibly. I don’t know what year shes in actually.
    I feel very sorry for your wrist. However, i do have pain of my own. Som STUPID STUPID STUPID girl put a chair on my foot, sat on it, and then after about 5 seconds, realising i was screaming AT HER.Luckily, my tacher (some grumpy, noise hating man with a strange way of saying normal words) was not in the room at the time. But i had a reason for my i said she’s a stupid girl. And quite fat. It hurts. Lots.
    Sorry about that. i had to let it out.

    Please blog in your spare time. I’ll miss it lots.
    Even if you write 1 word, ill be happy. i’ll still get that excitement i always get when i see an email from wordpress in my inbox. because im sad like that. Talking of sad people, (i.e. me) i got bored in english today. we were doing an essay thing, and i had finished and had nothing to do. so i counted the words. yep, thats how sad i actually am.

    sorry for yet another long comment.

    your sub-blogging mouse, bel x 🙂
    x 🙂


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