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Hello, Work Experience. You Make My Feet Hurt.

This is how I looked yesterday, except brunette:

This is how I look today, if you put his colours in the blonde bits:

If you can’t see it, that’s the point. It’s a stripe (because let’s face it, in Spots Vs Stripes in the hair world, stripes win).

Yes, my work experience is in my hairdresser’s.



7 thoughts on “Hello, Work Experience. You Make My Feet Hurt.

  1. Oh my god, have you finally gone mad and dyed your hair? or is it extensions? im guessing dye. Either way, it looks great, and i look forward to seeing it. is your mum hoping you will follow her footsteps and become a beautician? Hahah!!! and i agree with ross. When we finally get to make you over, we can straighten your hair. I can hardly wait! (that sounds sarcastic doesn’t it. it’s not supposed to, because i actually cant wait!)
    Good on you though! I can see you like work experience!
    see you soon!!!

    bel x 🙂


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