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Before You Watch This Slide Show, Turn Off Your Computer Sound (there’s a bit of a contrast in subject matter)

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That there was a nice little snippet of the Berlin trip a fortnight ago. I would have posted it earlier, but I kind of forgot to make the slide show. If you left the sound on, what did you think of the score? I didn’t realise it was on there… Oops. Sorry about the distinct lack of order, by the way, the whole programme was a bit fiddley.

Still, I have Photoshop now. On my shiny, new, so expensive-no-one-can-touch-it-but-me laptop. It’s got Internet Explorer 9. And fancy buttons I can’t work out. As usual.

Oh yeah, you just saw photographs of a concentration camp, a gas chamber, the remains of the Berlin Wall, some idiotic teenage girls who decided to try surfing on the join between two train carriages, the 1936 Olympic Stadium, the Brandenburg Gate, and some Soviet Union propaganda. Oh, and some Jewish kitchen art.

Look what I took a photo of in town today:

It turns out ‘franked mail’ or ‘franking’ are authorised forms of marking that qualify mail to be posted. Or something.

Should I make it the blog background or header?!


7 thoughts on “Before You Watch This Slide Show, Turn Off Your Computer Sound (there’s a bit of a contrast in subject matter)

  1. Nobody uses Explorer anyway, Frank.

    But nice slideshow. Can you believe it, I managed to sit still long enough to watch it from beginning to end. That’s quite some feat of endurance if you ask me.


      1. Hm. Poor you. How can you cope with the bar at the top (technical, aren’t I?) searching everything using bing? Or can you change that? I’m not so sure.

        Now, now, Frank. Baby steps. Mustn’t run before I can walk so to speak. I think the natural progression of things would lead nicely on to sitting on the sofa watching My Sweet Sixteen double bills. Maybe through in the odd packet of Jaffa Cakes to make it slightly more strenuous.


  2. Me think’s header. Can you do a header for where we all post comment’s (or in my case, essay’s)

    when i find some, im gonna post you a load of Frank related pun’s.

    And call them frank’s pun’s.

    Love you load’s.

    Bel x 🙂 ‘

    p.s my grammar isn’t that bed y’know. i just wanted to annoy you coz i know how much you love apostrophes. ””””’ 😀


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