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Eggs+Flour+Milk = Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)/Extreme Guilt Over Appetite.

  Hello, pancake people. Who hasn’t had pancakes today? I was on (in?) Zone 6 earlier and a girl said that she detests pancakes so wasn’t going to eat tonight. I had two earlier and they were pretty nice. I would have taken a photo, but they were kind of there for a limited time only and trust me, you do not want to see any photographs of my digestive system.

  Anyone here giving up anything for lent? I think Sarah’s giving up chocolate, I remember one year my mum must have given up caffeine because all she drank for ages was herbal tea from fancy cups. I thought of something AWESOME to give up last night, just as I was drifting off to sleep… But I’ve forgotten it. Having spent all day wondering, I have concluded it must be swearing unnecessarily. Because – and I totally blame My Chem for this – I suffer a 0.0001 on the pain scale and curse. Then I get angry at the pain and curse some more.

  Natalie suggested I give up My Chem themselves itself, but that will happen in a world where the public doesn’t get caught up in the lives of ‘famous’ people they’ve never met, like Charlie Sheen (who as far as I can tell spends his entire life on TV with his porn star girlfriends). I briefly challenged Ruby to give up the Internet – we’ve both agreed our lives are far more productive without it – but forty days with no blog, Twitter or BBC News would drive me mental. I’ve also considered giving up saying ‘like’ unnecessarily, but I suspect that’s not something that’ll go away, like, overnight.

  So I have decided to give up biscuits. I know, it’s not a fancy thing – but I can do it. I can’t, for example, control all the shit that comes out of my mouth on a daily basis. You all know that.

  If you don’t, I clearly haven’t made enough of an impact on you.

  Anyway. Starting tomorrow, forty days without biscuits of any kind. Not even the ones in Berlin. If I need a biscuit, I’ll eat a sausage instead. Germany has a lot of sausages, right? It isn’t as though I’m giving up meat or anything. I think my parents would cry if another of their children became a vegetarian.

  Goodbye, sugary goodness. I will see you on the 17th April.


  I’m going to have to watch Gerard talk about giving up alcohol on Life on the Murder Scene to feel better.


11 thoughts on “Eggs+Flour+Milk = Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday)/Extreme Guilt Over Appetite.

  1. Turned out I did end up giving up internet, give or take a week or so. Somewhat disappointed that it’s come back now, as, once the blind moments of panic and shaking subsided (time taken: three weeks), it’s actually strangely relaxing.
    But hey, I’m back now, plugged in to the constant stream of inane twitter updates and pointless information.
    And trying to remember how to type.

    But more importantly, did you really give up eating biscuits?


    1. It is nice, isn’t it?! Reminds you that the GIF on the screen doesn’t actually exist.

      Maybe we should give it up for a week every now and then?!


  2. er, no thanks to the britney fest. but biscuit fest sounds good. with custard creams please!

    whats the book called? and can i borrow it sometime soon? you can have a.mole too soon. and dallas back.

    what are you doing on saturday the 26th/27th ( i can’t remeber which day the saturday is!)?

    bel x XD


  3. potatoes and icecream?–wont be trying that combo any time soon…
    good luck with the bisuits!
    im giving up all things of the sweet kind. apart from yoghurt. joys.



  4. It’s okay frank, i’m giving up the drugs, sex and porn.
    actually, i can’t give up the porn, seeing as we are always listening/reading it in english.

    oh, and i’m giving up listening to britney spears.

    How will i cope for 40 days without these????? i expect it will be very difficult.
    but i shopuld be proud. after all, i am giving up 3 things.
    Good luck with the biscuits.
    belx 😀


    1. Tell you what. Once it’s over, we can have a biscuit and Britney fest!

      Or just a biscuit fest.

      By the way, the new Max Ride’s out. I bought it today and the first two chapters have been kinda meh.

      I miss the old days, Max Ride books had cool titles.


      1. yeah, i noticed they seemed to of gotten bored of the awesome titles…it’s a shame, with some of them that was almost the best part of the book.

        In that case dude, i’d better not suggest to mum that we buy cool, pretty, yummy bisuits for ross’s birthday…or maybe I will, just so we can test your will power! 😀


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