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Because We Secretly Love to Know What People Type into Google.

  The highlight of my day was scrolling through the search engine terms that find Indifferent Ignorance just now and seeing one of them was ‘i want to read sexy conversation’. I also like ‘osama bin laden height’ and ‘frank iero moustache tattoo’. And ‘gerard way in prison’. And ‘friday sun tv film 25-12-2010 what was english film at 10 clock’. ‘gerard way without makeup’. ‘is shsg shut’. ‘italian jawline’. ‘extreme porn mardi gras’. I could go on, but I need to get my stuff together for Berlin.

  You know what? You can have the URL and decide for yourself what search is the funniest.

  Second day without biscuits… I can feel myself dropping a dress size; I had to eat an apple earlier.


  It transpires that you can only see the link if you’re logged into a WordPress account. So I’m going to leave you with that nice taster and print screen or something, when I’ve got time – so don’t hold your breath.


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