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Traditionally, the Centenary Means Celebration and Gifts. I Accept Chocolate.

  So I think I’m supposed to say stuff here…? Too bad I’ve spent half term being very lazy. I mean, I’m sitting here with headphones on listening to Pretty Fly for a White Guy.


  Wait. I lie. I did two constructive things this week. The first is a oneshot now sitting pretty waiting for reviews (which I know you’ll all flood my inbox with, obviously), called Commuters Play Computer Games.  For some reason WordPress isn’t letting me link it, so here you go:

The second? A warning sign.

  As I started tagging and categorising this blog, I remembered that it is my one hundredth post on here, so I would like to thank everyone who has subscribed, retweeted posts, liked, shared, linked and talked about Indifferent Ignorance over the last sixteen months. I wouldn’t write if I didn’t have an audience, so thank you for being mine (albeit reluctantly, as I know is often the case. Sorry).


11 thoughts on “Traditionally, the Centenary Means Celebration and Gifts. I Accept Chocolate.

  1. Loving the sign!!!!!

    Can i have one? or do i have to make my own?

    I feel proud that i have been subscribed for a while. Very. and i suppose i should take credit for giving you at least two more subscribers (agnes and jemma). and for making this a known site for out school it techs. I can’t comment when a t school anymore as you know.

    Anyway, happy 100th post!!!!

    How many hits now? i see that II emblem coming your way. well the parts anyway.

    Bel x 🙂


    1. I suppose I could make more and sell them on Etsy. That would be amusing. But you would get one for free, obviously.

      Also, Agnes hasn’t subscribed. She needs to enter her email and click the followup emails. I might do an instruction bit, everyone gets confused… Blame WordPress.


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