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Never Let It Be Said That I Don’t Start What I Finish…

… Or that I won’t use my favourite band to write a cheap blog. My Chem won two NME awards last night, best international band and best video for Na Na Na. It is nice to prove to the Kerrang! people that people in the UK do actually appreciate good music. The ceremony is being aired sometime Saturday on Channel 4/T4, I think. In the meantime, play spot the bandmate in the background!

  In celebration, here is a little something Isobel wrote on her way to Italy last Friday. She has gone skiing. So has my brother, but thankfully in Austria. There would be war on the slopes if they were in the same country. “Wait til I tell your sister about what you said about short people.” “Wait til I tell your sister you stole her eyeshadow palette.”

“How’s life up there? Down the end, us teenagers are partying with poison and singing about Helena and her drowning lessons. But, hey, you know what they do to guys like us in prison, but what do they do to you guys? I was almost falling to sleep, when I realised, I never told you what I do for a living! I think there’s a bit of romance down there. It will die down when we go for a cemetery drive though. But when on a ski trip always remember, it’s not a fashion statement, it’s a deathwish, the jet set life is gonna kill you, and this time, our lady of sorrows won’t be there, so save yourself, I’ll hold them back and finally, in the summertime interlude, avoid the destroya. That’s it for now. Remember, as these could be my famous last words, that even if the only hope for me is you, I don’t love you. For all the demolition lovers that think vampires can never hurt you, this is a goodnite from Dr. Death Defying, PhD, OBE, MCR, inventor of the Bulletproof Heart.”

  There are 24 songs incorporated… First person to point them out (who isn’t Ellen) gets… Something.


14 thoughts on “Never Let It Be Said That I Don’t Start What I Finish…

      1. Someone posted it on twitter 😀

        Also, yesterday when I was at the funeral of the person who I didn’t (and still don’t) know, I saw a pile of those stickers which you put on cars, saying ‘I support God’s work directly from my bank account’.
        For some reason that cracked me up.
        Which was bad.
        Because it was a funeral and all that.


    1. I’d support God’s work too if half the bloke’s followers weren’t hypocritics of nutjobs.

      Why don’t we hear about nice, reasonable religious types? (I had a sentence on religion typed out, then I realised it might get me in trouble with members of Islam and Catholics)


      1. The followers are nice, it’s just the religion itself that doesn’t quite add up.
        The sticker just seemed funny to me as Christianity (supposedly) promotes a selfless existence, where money is just an inconvenience of the trip to godliness, or whatever the hell they’re aiming for. It seemed somewhat ironic that these Christians who try to pretend they are above money would ‘support’ God’s work (an omnipotent deity, whom one could only assume money would hold no value) with such that they were trying to avoid.


    2. Possibly the person with the car sticker was being sarcastic and isn’t even religious? Hollie once saw a car sticker that said ‘DON’T STEAL’, then as you drove closer you could see it said underneath ‘That’s the government’s job.’

      Also, I think that just sounded very intelligent. So you DO believe in God?! Because I think I’m going to have to do a bit more research before I make any decisions. I want to read the Qu’ran.

      Which I almost certainly spelt wrong.


      1. That’s quite good. If I ever get a car I’m going to fill the back windscreen with stickers like that, regardless of the fact that I have by doing so further endangered the poor motorists who happened to be sharing the road with me.
        Might have been a joke, and knowing me it quite probably was, as I have a way of taking funny things seriously and then thinking that serious things are jokes. However they were sitting on a pile on the back of a pew next to the charity collection box, and churches aren’t really famed for their sense of humour. Or at least, the ones I frequent aren’t.

        I would say that I don’t, not so much because I actively disbelieve in him, if you see what I mean, but more because I just do not believe.
        That probably didn’t make much sense. Oh well, it did in my head.
        The evidence put forward for his nonextistance seems far more logical than the anecdotal evidence offered up for his existing. However, I have not read much in that area (need to read bible and at least one book by Richard Dawkins. Or maybe just the latter -I’m sure it would be more entertaining), so I’m not really qualified to judge.

        oh dear these replies get longer every time.


    3. We can talk about this at school. Make a chat show: ‘Frank and Ruby Discuss Anything Humanity Has Ever Come Up With’.

      I get you… The evidence against is stronger than the evidence for. You should go and see Paul (it’s in the cinema now). There’s this bible basher who meets an alien, amongst other things.

      She has a t-shirt of Jesus shooting Darwin saying “Evolve This!” I kind of want one.


  1. aww, why not me!? …is it maybe because I happen to have a text that has them all writen in capital leters?? ah, i thought that might give me a little bit of an unfair disadvantage 😐


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