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I Hearby Name You, Frederina


  The print’s a bit small to be seen from a stage, but I’m not likely to be on one any time soon, having a slight lack of band at the moment – so I think Frederina will be totally fine for now.

  Changeover date, quite honestly, for most things about this blog is definitely Halloween, but I have no idea of the time… I’m coming back from Greece that day. But as far as I know the subscribed people will stay subscribed so will get an email.

  In the mean time, if you arrive on here and the colours, themes and header have changed beyond recognition – don’t cry. It’s all part of the experimenting.

  Bit like experimenting with your sexuality, but you have to leave the house for that.

  Happy weekend, and please please please comment with ideas for II (as Isobel has affectionately named this site) and what I could write on here. I have plans, but you’re the ones I force to read this.


6 thoughts on “I Hearby Name You, Frederina

  1. and er, when can i have the next one???????????

    IM SITTING IN MUSIC RIGHT NOW, SUPPOSED TO BE COMPOSING STUFF, BUT HEY, YOU KNOW ME, AND DO I LIKE COMPOSING STUFF? ERE, NO. OOPS, IM IN CAPS LOCK, who cares. jemma says hi, and trhat she wwill subscribe asap. infact, i will do it now. have fun with life. bel x 🙂



      THEY ROCK.

      Especially because Gerard sounds like he has a head cold.

      You can have Three Cheers on Saturday. Patience, young Skywalker.

      I’ll convert you yo Mindless next.

      Get back to school, you naughty girl!

      Hi Jemma x


  2. er, if we are talking mcr, it aint on the cd you gave me love? Unless you were actually referring to the cd. If you are then yes, all of them except vampires can never hurt you and our ladsy sorrows.
    bel 🙂 xxx

    soz if spellings bad, im doing this at skl. bel just went. bye x


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