(All Hail) Creation · Colour · October 2010



  Indifferent Ignorance got 2000 hits! In a year!

  Considering the only people reading this are my long-suffering friends, it’s magic.

  It’s time for a new look. A new theme. A new URL too, come to that. How about www.indifferentignorance.com?!

  My minions and I (Isobel, Ellen, Elizabeth) have been in deep discussions over this, and between us we have worked out a game plan. Different colours, font, new writing, an actual reason to write on here instead of my previous idea of ‘I only say what everyone else thinks’.

  I think the changeover should be Halloween. Do you think Halloween? Isobel does. So do I.

  But it’s really all about the dudes reading this. SO COMMENT. AND SUBSCRIBE. NOW.


2 thoughts on “GUESS WHAT???

  1. Frederinas great!!!! Good choice of name, but one day, the name gonna have to become big ( so i can see it when i see you in concert)(and because you will be playing in concert!)!

    And thanks for mentioning me. Im honoured, i truly am. Especially as you have also taken the time to use my name for the blog. 🙂

    see you soon, did have some more ideas for you, but just forgot them when i tried to think of them.


    Bel x 🙂


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