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Viral Side Projekt

  There are two types of blog post. The planned ones, and the ‘I’m bored so I’ll talk and you’ll listen’ ones.

  This is the latter.

  Actually, I do have something to share.

  I love Mindless Self Indulgence. I don’t know all their songs because I’m too lazy to work out what ones I’ve heard and what ones I need to YouTube… That wasn’t even Mindless, anyway – it was Steve, Righ? and Jimmy Urine’s viral side-project, called The Left Rights. It’s, like, oh, Jimmy can explain.

  Warning: do not listen to MSI or The Left Rights if you are a delicate flower or if old(ish) people are in the room and you have no headphones. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR PARENTS YELLING AT YOU IF THEY CATCH YOU WATCHING THE LITTLE HARD ON’S VIDEO AND TELL YOU IT’S TOO MATURE.

  If Ellen and Isobel like this, I’m stealing Lauren’s speakers in Zante this year and playing it to her in the morning. That’ll stop her complaining about Na Na Na…