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Why Twit/Twat/Tweet When You Can Blog?

  Sitting next to a perpetually hyperactive teenager (Elizabeth)  is amusing. But it does give me motion sickness after a while.  I would put that on Twitter since it’s probably less than 140 characters or whatever, but thinking of Twitter reminded me of advent…

  See the sidebar? See the Twitter bit? And the TwitPic links? Click on them. It’s advent themed. Each picture is a door, with a snippet of a bigger drawing by Ruby. There will be 23 doors – one each day – and on Christmas Eve I’ll put the whole picture on there.

  Which is pretty and Christmassy.

  Dear God, it is difficult to write when a five foot eight, eleven stone person is debating the merits of Chinese food with your dad, next to you.

  Sorry. Ten stone and three-quarters.