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Christmas Song Time!

I was going to say that this week has been pretty quiet compared to Friday but then I remembered that on Sunday I nearly set the house on fire when a nice long safety match splintered as I struck it and the lit bit flew onto a nearby patch of carpet.

But it’s okay, because my fingers didn’t get burnt.

So it’s December, which means chocolate at weird times is good and this is suitable to sing loudly. On a scale of one to Poseidon getting it on with Medusa in Athena’s temple, how inappropriate is it to play the following at inter-school parties?



And this, which for some reason won’t embed. Very tempted to make a band just to name it after a book.

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Calling All Regular Readers, and Those of You Who Clicked This On a Whim!

This is just a quick post while I’m thinking about it (I’ll reply to comments tomorrow):

I was being reasonably serious about nominations for the Indifferent Ignorance awards. It’s Boxing Day in a month – I know – which means 2014 is creeping nearer, and 2013 deserves to go out with if not a bang then perhaps a gentle pat on the back. It’s been one of those years.

I will accept any and all suggestions for any and all categories, but reserve the right to ridicule them. I also can’t access links right this very second, so you guys can all navigate yourselves to last year’s (actually published in June) and to 2011’s (published in December 2011, roughly the last time I was organised), right?


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Good News! This Post Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With MCR!

It seriously doesn’t, I’m not a news feed. I just spew out haphazard opinions over here.

I just thought I should drop everyone a line and say Happy Advent! I don’t have any nice drawings à la Ruby this year, so enjoy last year’s picture:

Jesus really reminds me of someone, but I’m not sure who. It’s the hair. Ruby’s old haircut? My current haircut? Bert McCracken’s haircut?

Coming soon, if I stop eating all the chocolate in the house and get my act together, is the what will soon be traditional end-of-year blog… And, hopefully, some exciting things in the new year. But only if I keep my hands off the Heroes.

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Reason #583873449 Why MCR is Better Than Your Favourite Band: They Play Kids’ TV Shows.


I’m bummed I can’t put the video on here, but I’m only just getting to grips with WP’s ‘PressThis’ button, and I don’t think it worked anyway. So you can have a picture of the band in their, er, ski suits.

For those of us who don’t live in the US, Yo Gabba Gabba is a children’s television show with costumed characters, animations and music. Gerard’s actually hinted at this happening before, in fact… So grab your raygun and start dancing along with the nearest four-year-old!

Was it just me who thought they were wearing their Killjoy gear but with shorts at first glance? Either way, I’m glad Party Poison’s hair’s made a comeback, even if it is for a programme where the children are told that ‘MCR’ means ‘Music Can Rock’. Does this mean that Every Snowflake is Different will feature on the next album?

Stay tuned for the billions of memes that will definitely emerge when this goes viral. Oh, wait. I just glanced at Twitter and look what’s trending:

I guess not everyone appreciates the ski suits.

Rock ‘n’ roll.


Here’s what Gerard had to say. Which wasn’t much, but Dewees was definitely supposed to be blue.

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Guys, the Internet’s Snowing!

So, today’s the second of December, which means two things:

  • Indifferent Ignorance will be snowing until January
  • We can watch this without feeling creepy:

On the downside, I have to go Christmas shopping with a grand total of five pounds to my name. Don’t expect anything fancypants this year, guys… You might get quite a few homemade gifts. Like, er, ‘The Twelve Haikus of Christmas’, or ‘Once Upon a Time In Bethlehem’.

Please don’t make me write either of the above.

Hopefully, maybe, possibly, I might get to write lots of cool stuff soon-ish. I really hope so, at least, I quite miss spamming you all…


I just remembered what I wanted to blog about all day! In my Physics mock today, there was a question about circles or something, I don’t know, and it discussed a guy called Frank riding a carosel. All I could think of for a good ten seconds was this:

I’m not spending hours on Google finding the 10000s of memes people came up with… Here’s a good starting point.

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This Time One Week Ago, I Was a Bat. Complete With Cave.

  I pause in my revising of ultrasound waves to talk about the first week back at school.

  Jesus H. Christ. How can a week only four days long go on forever????? If you answer that question, I will give you a million pounds. Or a guest-post explaining it. But – seriously – I don’t get it. Is it down to becoming nocturnal over Christmas? Eating too much over Christmas? Only watching Glee over Christmas?

  Saying that, Glee is pretty much the only thing I’ve watched this last week too. I still can’t work out if I like it (and I definitely turn the volume down when they start belting one out). Having watched several episodes, I have come to the conclusion that I am drawn to the show because it’s about a normal school with, like, boys, in it. I go to an overly stressy all-girls grammar with uniforms. Green uniforms.

  Glee is a parallel universe. Also I’ve always quite liked the idea of singing and/or dancing when I’m pissed off instead of stamping around, swearing and occasionally punching stuff/people. What can I say, I’m passive at heart. Plus one of the guys is becoming more and more attractive every episode.

  If you can get who out of me, you really can have a million pounds.

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English Person: “Merry Christmas!” American: “Don’t you mean ‘happy holidays’?” English Person: “Er, no.”

  I’m pretty into Christmas. I’m not a Christian the other 364 days a year, so I’m not going to pretend it’s all about Baby Jesus – my favourite part is the lights.

  You know, it’s dark by four o’clock and the ten minutes of sun we do get are when we’re in class (or it’s cloudy). But, instead of fumbling my way home with only the faint glow of street lamps to guide me, there’s lots of flashing Father Christmases and nodding raindeer to illuminate paths. Plus everyone is in a better mood and there are lots of specials on TV, like Top Gear and Doctor Who.

My favourite ever Christmas song, which I first heard in June but got me festive anyway:

My second favourite song, which I heard in Maths on Friday:

  A drawing that gets us all into the spirit of things:

  Last, but not least, SHSG’s resident Santa, Tobi!

  Oh, and before I go: if Gerard DID buy that hamster, drop me a line. I wonder every time I watch Life on the Murder Scene. Who keeps a pet on a bus, did Frank sit on it, was it called Bert…?

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The Aroma of Homemade Starbucks

  This is my first attempt at blogging in colour. If I like it I may make the whole thing red. Or maybe green. Or perhaps purple.

  Anyway, I want to talk about this.



  Or more importantly, this. Or a version of it.


  My aunt and uncle bought my mother one for Christmas and since the beans run out this month I’ve ground away like a kid in the workhouse.

  But let me tell you, I got STYLE. You need just the right pressure, speed and angle to move the handle. I recommend a crouching position, or sitting on a chair.

  It’s amazingly therapeutic, hearing those beans get crunched up like someone’s head under the wheel of a car.

  I’m off to blog on Flyingtothestars. About Wolverine and Ghostbusters. Happy Monday.