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The Meaning of Life.

Last night my friends and I had the wonderfully scarring experience of seeing Mindless Self Indulgence play at the HMV Forum in Kentish Town. We’ve put together a list of everything we learnt:

  1. Queueing is wonderful when you have a black Sharpie and meet people who love Queen, and stand next to the door from which band members occasionally emerge (see #3).
  2. Never half-arse something. Always do it full-arse.
  3. Steve, is the most beautiful man in the world, but only appears when Hollie leaves, prompting insane picture-taking.
  4. The worst thing that can happen is that we won’t be able to sit down for a week.
  5. Jimmy’s grandpa has a thoughtful grandson.
  6. Mindless are a Christian band…
  7. …But LynZ’s a witch.
  8. It’s one thousand pounds to discuss our feelings, but three thousand to discuss Jimmy’s.
  9. We will never, ever, ever be famous. Neither will Hollie.
  10. We all have AIDS.
  11. Jimmy might have started World War III. Watch this space.
  12. Steve may one day host his own chat show. It’ll centre around teaching audience members Mindless songs and grooving along to Queen singalongs.
  13. When Jimmy appears, short people get crushed, so they run for the stairs and take pictures of other people getting crushed instead.
  14. I’m going to have to cough up for that damn new record, because it turns out they’re actually pretty good.

More pictures and videos to come, especially if Jimmy uploads what he took.

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News Bulletin 25/10/12

Apologies for not blogging in a fortnight. It has emerged that the post I thought I wrote does not exist. So, the news:


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Tim Minchin Appreciation Post

A Tim Minchin-centric post is long overdue. Let’s go! Note: headphones are advisable, and I got carried away with finding songs. It’ll probably be half a century before I blog again, so this can accompany your homework until then.


This was my first Tim song. It should be everyone’s.


5 Poofs and 2 Pianos

Remember when Jonathon Ross had his programme on the BBC and they had Four Poofs and a Piano? Well, Tim was a guest on that very same show.


Tony the Fish

This is stand-up, not a song, but it’s incredibly helpful to my current RS work, which is the design argument.


If I Didn’t Have You Uncut

Stand-up, a song, some stand-up.


Not Perfect

A serious one, holy bats.


Rock and Roll Nerd

This isn’t serious unless you’ve done bugger all when you had plans.


I should stop and do something more useful. But… I can’t.

You Grew on Me

Another un-funny one. It’s brilliant, actually.


Three-Minute Song

There are variations of this song depending on the programme, but the ITV one is the best because it was performed in front of royalty.



I normally loathe poetry, as Hollie can attest (what is this iambic pentameter?) but I make an exception for nine-minute beat poetry, especially when it’s been turned into an animated film.


Discover the pope songs at your peril, and if you’re going to see Tim as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar, please get me a bootleg. Or tickets.

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#ProjectSnowflake REBORN

I’m supposed to be blogging really important things, but Strictly‘s on and we’re watching Star Wars later so you can read my DeviantART post instead:

The computer put the Fifty Shades adds back in. Eh. It’s here.

Basically: please please do something! I don’t care how you link it to me – Twitter, email, a comment, dA or the MCRmy boards… I don’t mind what you do either, as long as it’s an image. Including the #ProjectSnowflake hashtag would be good. Please.

Must dash, I want to spell-check in time for Craig’s comments.