MCRmy · My Chemical Romance (get a category) · October 2012

#ProjectSnowflake REBORN

I’m supposed to be blogging really important things, but Strictly‘s on and we’re watching Star Wars later so you can read my DeviantART post instead:

The computer put the Fifty Shades adds back in. Eh. It’s here.

Basically: please please do something! I don’t care how you link it to me – Twitter, email, a comment, dA or the MCRmy boards… I don’t mind what you do either, as long as it’s an image. Including the #ProjectSnowflake hashtag would be good. Please.

Must dash, I want to spell-check in time for Craig’s comments.


2 thoughts on “#ProjectSnowflake REBORN

  1. Frank! You could try submitting the journal to an MCR club on deviant art (like: ) because then loads of people wouuld see it and it would be good. Only, they don’t allow journals into the gallery so I guess you might have to ask them very nicely in a comment or something, I don’t know..
    mm sorry I’m tired and rambling.


    1. I tried submitting a Webways-related journal to #MCRdeviantclub before I knew the journal thing and just got back “Please read the submission rules.”

      I might ask in a comment, though. 🙂


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