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MCR’s 10th Anniversary Mission: ’10 Years, 10 Days’

If you loathe My Chemical Romance, look away now. This post is entirely My Chem related.

Killjoys! I need you! Yeah, I know, I say this every other week. But this time, I really, really do. The forums are buzzing with quiet anticipation as the ten-year anniversary of the band, and the MCRmy, comes up. There are plans to give the guys cake, to make a family portrait of the MCRmy, some people have already released their work and it is beautiful.

My idea is to host ten days of celebrations for the anniversary on Indifferent Ignorance. Every day, from the 10th September to the 20th, I will post a different blog discussing and celebrating different aspects of My Chem. Consider it a virtual rave, if you will. Posts will appear at varying times of day and night, since the MCRmy is across so many time zones. Ideally, everyone can pull an Isobel in the comments section and we can have a nice little debate/discussion going on at the end of every post.

Still with me? Good, because I need your help to set the party up. Please read and answer these questions, if you can:

  • Do you know someone who has, literally and genuinely, had their life saved by MCR? Do you know someone whose outlook has been changed for the better, who has started something brilliant and cites My Chem as their main/only influence? These don’t just have to be suicide stories. Think more along the lines of ‘I was sitting in a hole. They inspired me to get out of it’.
  • When did you get into the band, how, why, and what is your favourite ‘era’ so far?
  • Come across any really excellent quality tributes on YouTube or DeviantART? Think RosaLui’s videos, the Dead! lyric video, the Helena remake. Send me them.
  • What are some of your favourite Internet memes about the guys? Your favourite fanfictions and scenarios, comic strips, in-jokes? I know mine, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. MCRmy.com has a bucketload of stuff here.
  • Have you ever been to a live show that has since gone down in history, such as both Reading and Leeds festivals any of the early Bullets shows? Were you at a record release show, at an acoustic set, at the gig a few years ago where the power cut out? What was it like?
  • Have you done Q&A with the guys, met them or seen them in the street; what were they like? Honestly.
  • How has being a fan of the band changed your life in small ways? I swear more since I got into them and have started to misread anything to do with the Milky Way.
  • Got any funny stories of explaining or defending the band to someone? Share them.
  • What are your favourite MCRmy.com threads? Mine is ‘I’m Shorter Than Frank Iero’, because I set it up (we have a club now).

Send any replies that are more than 140 characters to indifferentignorance@hotmail.co.uk, otherwise send links and whatnot to my Twitter, @ToBeQuiteFrank. I don’t follow back but I don’t bite either. This will become a thread on MCRmy.com too. I want to share as many stories and opinions as possible.

Because the blogs will take some time to write and work on, and I have school soon, there is a deadline for when I can accept your submissions: Monday 4th September. Get them in before midnight on the fourth, whatever your timezone, and I will do my best to include them. Anything I declare ‘dodgy’ will not be used.


Now do what you do best and rally!

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England Makes Your Tan Drown Itself in a Puddle.


To those of you who were eagerly awaiting the mini-series ‘I’m Somewhere Hot and You’re Probably Not’ (let’s face it, all of you), I apologise; I pressed the wrong buttons in a fit of pre-holiday excitement. Everything in the series will, however, find its way into various blogs in the future. An upside of the site being static for a fortnight is that the Content Monster seems to have gotten bored and left us alone. That or it’s gone to Marbella for a break.

I can hear you all asking, “How was Greece, Francesca?” It was, in short, excellent. Efharisto to my extended family and everyone in Alykanas for the laughs.

Thank you also to Isobel for vandalising part of the shipwreck in Navagio Bay, one of my favourite places.

Now, on with the show. Remember I talked about a huge ten-years-of-My Chem celebration? Well, watch this place – and my Twitter. I’m going to need your help on it. Yes, you, who idly searched an MCR-related term and stumbled upon this site.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to celebrate a band whose members have such amazing t-shirt folding skills as Frank’s?

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Checking Indifferent Ignorance Still Works…

If you’re reading this then congratulations: your subscription hasn’t mysteriously disappeared, Twitter works and, hopefully, my posts still compute.

Please tell me if your browser displays the front page looking anything like this:


At first I thought the problems were from me changing the tagline and sidebar a bit, but then I realised it’s only affected the front page. Then, on the advice of a nice person on the WordPress Support forum, I tried downloading a newer version of Internet Explorer, thinking my browser might need updating. But apparently I’ve already got the newest version. The funny thing is, when I click ‘preview’, the proper format comes up…

Isobel’s had trouble too, so it isn’t just me. If you’re having viewing issues, please let me know immediately so I can fix this. Or send WordPress a huffy email documenting both this and the Content Eating Monster problem, since I’m not the one who actually configures this website. I just pick the colour scheme, make nice headers, pay for the domain and talk a lot.

I feel like my baby has the flu or something. I really don’t want to pull her offline while I’m away so I can fix this when I get back. See, I’m referring to the blog as ‘her’. Help. Please.

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In Which I Remind You I Can Write Working Blogs

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down and decided what to write that I can’t keep track of what I have and haven’t waved in your faces. The WP Content-Eating Monster problem doesn’t help either.

However, never fear, because I’m going away late Saturday night for two whole weeks and we all know what that means: magically appearing, time-wasting posts and a book full of ideas when I get back, because I’ve spent fourteen days on a beach sleeping and tattoo-spotting! Both activities are excellent for getting those creative juice… Juicing.

Remember I mentioned doing something really special to celebrate My Chem’s ten-year anniversary? Well, I’m planning something pretty big that involves a lot of people (no, it is not a MCR karaoke sing-off, or a remake of Not Okay). I’ll probably finalise it while I’m away and then spend the rest of August nagging you all for imput.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

In the mean time, enjoy this:

Bite Your Tongue, by Chantal Claret. It sounds nothing like Morningwood and I love it.

In preparation of the stupidity:


I can’t work out if I love it or hate it.