August 2011 · Complaints · Internet

Checking Indifferent Ignorance Still Works…

If you’re reading this then congratulations: your subscription hasn’t mysteriously disappeared, Twitter works and, hopefully, my posts still compute.

Please tell me if your browser displays the front page looking anything like this:


At first I thought the problems were from me changing the tagline and sidebar a bit, but then I realised it’s only affected the front page. Then, on the advice of a nice person on the WordPress Support forum, I tried downloading a newer version of Internet Explorer, thinking my browser might need updating. But apparently I’ve already got the newest version. The funny thing is, when I click ‘preview’, the proper format comes up…

Isobel’s had trouble too, so it isn’t just me. If you’re having viewing issues, please let me know immediately so I can fix this. Or send WordPress a huffy email documenting both this and the Content Eating Monster problem, since I’m not the one who actually configures this website. I just pick the colour scheme, make nice headers, pay for the domain and talk a lot.

I feel like my baby has the flu or something. I really don’t want to pull her offline while I’m away so I can fix this when I get back. See, I’m referring to the blog as ‘her’. Help. Please.


6 thoughts on “Checking Indifferent Ignorance Still Works…

  1. Checked in Chrome, Firefox & IE (latest) and all look the same – the only difference I can see is that the navigation & search are floated to the left in all my browsers not the right like in the screenshots


    1. Yeah, it’s the search bar that’s the problem, everything else is back to normal for me…. Hopefully it’ll sort itself out.

      Thanks for checking! 🙂


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