(All Hail) Creation · Internet · November 2016

Newsflash: Etsy Has Pretty Things I Didn’t Make (and I want all of them)

Children. I am tired today and this week is going to make me tireder so I thought I’d write you while I’m thinking about it and tell you all that I just placed an order on Etsy that wasn’t a gift for somebody else and it was joyful. I almost uploaded the ‘submitting order’ wheel to my Insta stories for posterity. Seriously though I don’t remember the last time I bought something on there for myself, just because I wanted it… and I must say the view from the other side of the checkout is quite a nice one. Or it is when you’ve got a seasonal promo code and a gift card, anyway (general lack thereof is why I don’t do it more often).

I have to go and see if my bank balance will let me buy anything else today (I don’t know why I’m bothering I know the answer will be ‘you’re going to South East Asia soon why do you need a Mindless Self Indulgence pullover?’) so I will leave this here. Happy Cyber Monday if you’re using today to stock up on Christmas gifts you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford! Even if those gifts are for yourself!

Oh and here’s the obligatory reminder that there’s free P&P on marked items for the remainder of today on my Etsy shop, and if you’re in the UK you can get free postage on orders over £8 with SNOWFLAKE16. Get a move on, though, things are actually selling out this year.

Update roughly one hour after posting: I’ve bought a print from Maggie Stiefvater and Ray Toro’s new record. I may yet get that pullover.


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