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‘Fuck Australia’ and Other Things I Might Regret Putting on the Internet (ft. #Parade10)

If you’ve followed this blog more more than about six months, you’ll have noticed that I can’t commit. To anything. Blog wise, I mean (whether or not I can commit to anything else is going to take another post). And if you were here before about three hours ago, you’ll have noticed that I’ve changed the layout. Again. Sort of. It’s brighter than it was. I got fed up with the overbearing header so I changed it to… a stock photo of a city that came with the WordPress theme. I’m not sure which city it is. It might not even be a city. The marketing person in me wants to go and make a branded header right now, but I like that it’s kind of anonymous. I might replace it tomorrow… I might not. NOTHING IS FIXED IN THIS WORLD EXCEPT MY DESIRE TO LISTEN TO MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE.

Speaking of.

Sunday was #Parade10, aka Lots of People I’ve Known for Years on the Internet Hung Out and Nearly Cried Watching Old Footage of a Semi-Vintage Band. I met up with people I saw at #Revenge10 and have actually tried to stay in touch this time. I met entirely new people and will try to stay in touch this time. Coincidentally Sunday was also six years since this happened. Six entire years since MCR debuted Danger Days at the Hammersmith Apollo and I heard The Kids From Yesterday and thought  ‘I think that makes me a kid of today’. Since I’m not quite at the age MCR were when they wrote Kids, I refuse to acknowledge that I’m not still, like, the youth, even though I feel fucking old when I look at the top 40 (is it still actually called that). But I guess the youth don’t partake in videos saying ‘fuck Australia’, so.


5 thoughts on “‘Fuck Australia’ and Other Things I Might Regret Putting on the Internet (ft. #Parade10)

  1. New layout huh? Nice! I don’t have much to say, just that I read this one, and I’m super jealous y’all got to get together last Sunday…but happy for yas! yay! 😀


  2. For me, today is the Six Year Thing – my landmark MCR moment was Edinburgh, 25/10/2010. I met the guys after the show, and lots of things happened since. Last year, for the five-year anniversary, my best friend and I went to Edinburgh to do the pilgrimage. We were actually outside the venue shortly after midnight – meaning that we were at the spot where we met them, five years later to the HOUR. It was… crazy all over. And emotional. And I wonder what my life’s going to be like when I come back there for the tenth anniversary. I suppose it will be #Danger10?

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    1. I absolutely love that you did a pilgrimage, I would love to one of these years. Then again, the older I get the more I wonder if it’s nice to leave it in the past (I nearly bid on a bootleg of the show I was at on Sunday, but I wondered if maybe it was best left to memory). I don’t think Caz is doing a #Danger10 but someone else might be… I always think these should be more frequent, just like hangouts where Chem fans get coffee and talk about Chem. I didn’t realise how much I missed it!


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