Frnkiero · October 2016 · South East Asia 2017

Very Chill Friday Nights w/Frank Iero

Today I was so busy I didn’t have a shower until 2pm, Frank Iero’s new record is playing and I still don’t hate this layout. I feel like that is more than enough excitement for a Friday, although I might go and add something to the sidebar to really push the boat out. I haven’t not showered in the morning for months, because one of the reasons I’ve not excelled as a freelancer is that I never took myself seriously as a freelancer and I’ve tried to change that with a SOLID ROUTINE, but… today I overslept. Quite a lot.

Look, I bought extra-soft pyjamas recently and my bed is very comfortable. My body clearly needed me to stay asleep and have a really weird dream about putting my boyfriend into the path of an oncoming train. Molly from Sherlock was the bad guy. Chantal Claret was there.

I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m pretty sure Molly from Sherlock is the only thoroughly decent character in the show. But it was almost nice to neck two coffees and two teas in about three hours while I tried to remember I’m supposed to be earning money – kind of a throwback to the shitty old days when I had clients who didn’t pay for four solid months and I’d stay up late frantically Googling ways to make my Etsy more profitable.

I don’t think I’ll miss that when I go to Asia. Wait. Did I mention I’m going to Asia? I can’t remember who I’ve told.

I’m going to Asia!

In January. With my younger-ish brother and a backpack. I didn’t want to talk about it until we booked tickets, but now we have and it’s real and I need external reassurance I won’t get lost in a town in Laos or fall into one of the jars at the Plain of Jars or accidentally offend the Thai people by saying the wrong thing about their late king.

I will definitely talk more about this in the coming months, but right now I can hear my pyjamas calling and I accidentally pulled my wrist playing with dumbbells, so I will leave this here.

May your Friday evening be as ridiculously low key as mine is. And let me know if you know a good backpack retailer.


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