(All Hail) Creation

A Christmas Card Conundrum

You guys, I actually did what I said I was going to do and cleared up my desk and bedroom. There’s so much room, it’s almost like there’s space to move and breathe and sit… Until I get really busy and forget what shelves are, I am going to be so organised.

One downside to being so organised is that I don’t really have an excuse not to write Christmas cards. You know, it’s December – so I can’t use the ‘piss off and come back when the season starts’ excuse – I can find my favourite pen and I have space to write lots of lists. Perfect.

There is a bit of a conundrum, though: I’ve got a few of my cards in stock – you know, those brilliant and funny reasonably priced postcards – and I’m really, really hoping I’ll sell them before Christmas. If they don’t all go, I’ll use what’s left for my personal correspondence (I am not one to look a free marketing gift horse in the mouth).

Jesus Mix
Which genius person made these?

But given my desire to send my cards before Christmas Eve, how do I know when to start writing them? If I wait until, say, 23rd December, for the general public to buy all my stock, I might not have time to send my personal cards. Plus, I know a lot of people. A few of them have even seen my cards before or will be given them by my mother. Who gets my cards and who gets the ones I rush-buy in town? But if I write all my cards now, and get to be very smug about getting that shit done, sod’s law is that someone will want to buy my designs and won’t be able to because I just sent the last card to one of my eighty thousand relatives, and have to wait a week for new orders to come in – by which time it will probably be New Year.

What do I do???

Also, do you know any well-made, not-too-expensive Christmas card ranges that would be cute to send if I do luck out? I was going to buy the Private Eye ones and forgot, and I bloody hate those soppy ones with a poem about stars and shit. Generally I’m a fan of glitter and cursewords… Maybe that’s something to think about for next year?!


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