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Creative Constipation Relief Post #1


This evening I saw that WordPress had introduced an incredibly cute new theme, Button. It was potentially perfect for Indifferent Ignorance so I decided to dive into it, technically speaking. Once I’d changed it over I remembered why it was only potentially perfect, and I remembered why I usually use the ‘preview’ mode before altering themes. Additionally, this week I have been trying and failing to design stickers worthy of human consumption at the same time as planning a marketing strategy around said stickers, which at this rate are good for nothing except reminding my why I never studied graphics. So I’m feeling slightly creatively constipated blocked frustrated.

It has also been more than three days since I last washed my hair and I’m very aware that I’m working with members of the public tomorrow, which calls into question why I’m writing this instead of eking hot water from a 10-year-old shower head. I think it’s because stringy showers are a lot less likely to bestow the creative equivalent of laxatives than blog posts in which I’m consciously considering alteration. Although let’s face it, I’m 180 words in and so far I’m not sure I’ve done much unblocking… might have irritated the shit out of you by overdoing descriptions. (If I have, I’ll count the evening a success.)

And now I am really going to wash my hair.



8 thoughts on “Creative Constipation Relief Post #1

  1. Did I waste my time? No offense to you Frank. I can’t figure this thing out! Maybe there’s just a delay?


    1. I have actually been trying free writing (freewriting? I know literally nothing of the movement) and it’s quite liberating in so far as my handwriting gets worse than usual and I’ve been spewing out utter rubbish… that may not be unusual.

      Missy, there’s a delay when new people make comments because I have to approve the people as not-spam. Everything should show up now. 🙂 Thank you for following Indifferent Ignorance!


  2. Creatively Constipated, I love it! Sorry I don’t have any constructive commentary here. I was just bored and well, I guess I can relate to that. So many ideas and yet so hard to just get started. Seems like there’s always one road block or another.
    Well, for writing, I guess I can say that freewriting has worked for me, as Jackie suggested. Yeah, we were required to do this in school and so I guess it has become second nature. Eh, maybe I’ll try it with those ideas of mine.


  3. i like the new look. it looks … elegantly eloquent.
    as in the site – not your hair. though i’m sure that also looks nice, once suitably shampooed and caringly conditioned
    somewhat spookily, my hair is also recently rinsed and creatively coiffed.

    just a quick enquiry … were you meaning a stringy shower or a stingy shower?
    and were your blog posts being subjected to creatively conscious alliteration rather than requiring alteration? i think most likely the former as the blog is resplendently rife with alliterative adjectives.

    hope your creative unblocking is swift and painless


    1. This theme is called Hemingway Rewritten which I think is a a bit optimistic, literary-ly speaking, but I quite like the totally black header. Gives new readers an idea of what to expect… (My hair looks more plug socket-electrocuted/windswept/Frank-lost-her-hairbrush than coiffured, but I prefer it that way. Sending good vibes to your hair in return.)

      I did in fact mean stringy shower, which was the best word I could think of to describe the plumbing; the shower’s strength is definitely on the stringy side, so washing my hair means filling a jug with water or I’d be there bloody ages. On the other hand I did actually mean ‘alliteration’, not ‘alteration’… turns out my proofreading ability’s blocked as well, so thanks for pointing that out!

      I’ll keep everyone updated on the unblocking process. Blogging helped, although I think it could be a lengthy process judging by the amount of words I’ve had to spell check writing this.


      1. have you tried free-writing? i think that’s what it’s called. where you don’t try to make sense of what you write, don’t try to write proper sentences that actually mean anything. just write words, whatever words come to mind. kind of like purging. maybe you’ve just got useless words blocking the good stuff, sort of bottlenecked?


        1. I haven’t tried it – possibly ever. I must change that… I’m feeling not so much unable to write but that there’s a lot of stuff in my head that just needs the space/time to get out? I’ve had a busy few weeks and I’ve not really created anything, I think all the crap in my head that I normally spew out semi-regularly is bottlenecked! Also I’ve been reading some great books and I’ve been torn between CREATING MYSELF USING ALL THE INSPIRATION and just rereading (the curse of the brilliant novel). My feeling is any free writing may include the word ‘fuck’. I will keep you updated.


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