May 2015 · THE WORLD *head in hands*

A Question of an Evening

It’s another one of those bank holiday weekend things isn’t it? Good thing I don’t need to work weekdays from nine til five… I’m going to get to Friday and think it’s Tuesday again. Again.

Who’s excited about Royal Baby #2? Me neither. I mean, it’s always lovely when someone gives birth to a healthy baby who’s loved and wanted, but one of my cousins had a baby the other day and the world’s media didn’t give a fuck about them – and this princess is going to be shat on for her entire life, so I kind of wish the start could be a little bit private.

How do you like the new layout so far? I’m not convinced about those bubbly things but other than that it does the job. It doesn’t look like 1995, anyway, so it can stay.

Just noticed that everything I’ve written so far has been a question. I ought to stop asking your opinion and get back to work, trusting my instinct like a true artiste… except it’s five thirty on a Saturday evening and the fact I need to keep working suggests I’ve fucked up somewhere along the line, so maybe my instincts are a little off.

Either way I do have some shit to do, so happy Saturday!


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