April 2015 · Indifferent Ignorance · Internet

The Elephant in the Screen

I thought I’d better address this particular issue now rather than in a few posts’ time, mostly because I won’t want to in a few posts’ time.

Gone is the wonderful, creaky Indifferent Ignorance layout that’s been my favourite thing to look at for the past five point five years and in its place is… well, by the time you read this it could be anything. I didn’t set out to change everything, but I have been very aware recently that the theme I’ve used since 2010, Bueno, hasn’t been supported by WP for a good year or two. Whatever – I kind of liked that the site looked like a curmudgeonly old lady. But the theme gradually started to make the site look like it wasn’t working properly, especially when I wanted to embed new, hip features like a social media icon. So on Monday I toddled over to WP’s themes page and had a nose at what they had to offer – and instead of previewing one theme, I activated it. And I can’t get the old one back, since it’s out of commission.

I might’ve had a brief nervous breakdown.

Found on Tumblr somewhere
Found on Tumblr somewhere

But life moves on, so I’m now concentrating on finding a new theme that a) I like and b) I can afford. I’d like to get the blue/white/pink thing going again, because I like it, but beggars can’t be choosers and I can’t afford to customise shit, so whatever you see right now might be permanent.

Until I press the wrong fuckin button again, anyway.


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