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Where Were You When…?

I feel like the fact it’s both Remembrance Sunday and 25 years since the Berlin Wall came down is monumental, but I don’t really feel qualified to write huge political essays on the foolishness of war and European politics since I didn’t exist 25 years ago, let alone during World War I.

Poppies August Bank Holiday 2014

Looks kind of half-arsed compared to the finished product, huh.

I’m reading Child 44 at the moment (I typed it as Child $$, which should be a band) and it’s one of those books that’s best described as cold. Not in terms of the writing – it’s very good – but its story thoroughly depressing. When and where is it set?

That would be 1950s Soviet Russia.

For god’s sake, humanity, get your shit together and quit killing people! You’re only going to regret it!

I’m torn between yelling at the sky in exasperation and breaking down in noisy tears.

Still, today is a big deal for Europe history wise, which got me thinking about where I was when XYZ happened. I seem to remember being told about 9/11 on the way home from school, and I saw that Margaret Thatcher had died when I flicked the news on during crap TV ads. I think my mum was in Germany when Elvis died, and I missed the actual moment William and Catherine got married because I was trying to ask my nan why she thought I shouldn’t marry a Greek (someone had mentioned the Duke of Edinburgh).

So does anyone have any interesting anecdotes about where they were when? Please note I will probably be telling everyone I know your stories.

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Where Were You When…?

  1. I was in a B&B in Bury St. Edmunds watching TV when some guy broke a running record for GB at the Olympics. It might have been Mo Farrah (?)? I only remember because the commentator was saying how in years to come people would remember where they were when it happened, and I thought I ought to make an effort to do as he said. Obviously didn’t work too well, though, as I can’t remember who it was, or what he actually did…

    I can’t recall any actual historical events happening in my life. I’m sure some things of note must have happened in the last 18 years, but they’ve rather passed me by if that’s the case.

    ..Yup, it’s official, everything has just passed me by haha. Just checked the Timeline of modern history wiki, and while I do know of most the things there, I can’t actually remember anything about what me-circa-whenever was doing.


    1. If it was Mo Farrah, I was on my sofa in my dressing gown at that exact time.

      At least you know of the events; I’ll never forget a conversation in Geography when I said “I’ll just use the Japanese tsunami for examples if I can’t remember others,” and a student said “What tsunami?”

      Er, the one we had an entire non-uniform day for…


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