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Half Term Blog and a Dog

I think that if adults had half terms, their output would be highly improved and would not only counteract the extra time off but also contribute more to the economy.

For example, this week I have walked my dogs, worked on homework (not as much as I should but more than I sometimes do in term time), sorted out 8,000 things that I’ve been putting off since Christmas and been to the cinema.

It’s fun.

Speaking of stuff I’ve done, please go and have a look at the new and improved Webways layout, which is hopefully clearer than the old one. I’ve also slashed prices on Etsy because a lot of listings end soon and I kind of want to clear out old stock to make way for shinier stuff in the coming months. Essentially, I have a lot of stationery lying around that I want to make into art and – hopefully – sell. Don’t worry, it won’t be recycled greetings cards with ‘Customised by Francesca’ written in Sharpie across the front… I’m thinking of it as a fun challenge, one which ideally we all benefit from (me from having a cleared cupboard and some petty cash and you from having some excellent artwork that cost distinctly less than one of those contemporary pieces no one understands).

Basically that’s me asking you to buy my stuff, awkward. On the other hand, by purchasing my stuff you’re helping to fund this thing, which is wonderful. To conclude this slightly rambling I-should-go-to-bed post, here is a GIF of a little dog:

Swimming Doggie


The movement’s really slow on the main blog for some reason: click and it’ll speed up. The website watermarked on the image is an interesting one and possibly a black hole of online entertainment…


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