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‘Fake Your Death’ and Very Little Else

So here we are.

Seven years and a handful of months after my first accidental hearing of Welcome to the Black Parade on a now-defunct local radio show, Zane Lowe’s programme played the last ever new MCR song.



It’s one of their best.

It might actually be their best (unless sentimentality’s talking, which it definitely is).

Out now on the Internet. Part of May Death Never Stop You, out 25th March and available to pre-order on the Internet.

Still the best band in the world.


2 thoughts on “‘Fake Your Death’ and Very Little Else

  1. Yes indeed – sentimentality (cos I’m not really convinced yet that it is even one of their best)
    It’s not quite hitting the spot yet – it reminds me too much of something else and I can’t quite work it out. First listen – reaction was along the lines of ‘really? that’s not MCR’. subsequent listens have improved things, Makes me think of Kill All Your Friends but also The Lightning Seeds!
    I need to listen a few more times and come back to you when I’ve decided where in my list of MCR wondrousness it’s going to go.
    But also, yes, still the best band in the world. EVER


    1. Had to YouTube The Lightning Seeds (embarrassing) but yes I hear you. I’m actually getting a little bit of ‘Danger Days’ from the songs as well? It’s definitely grown on me; it feels like their most honest piece, although that might just be knowledge of Gerard’s feelings from his Tweet?

      Having listened a lot more as well, it might not be #1 material but then, that was never the point, was it?

      Oh little band I love you.


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