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Internet Stuff and Stuff

What is this ‘school day’?

I wish it would just go away.

Like Christmas has.

And Sherlock will.

Though Christmas will be back first.

With less death.


A few weeks ago I took part in a virtual panel discussion, aka an email, which has recently been published here. Some of my answers got cut, which is good because the published one has less sarcasm but bad because the sarcasm made the pretentious nature of interview slightly more bearable. Basically if you want my whole answers, let me know and I’ll post them.

In the mean time, the Shorty Awards are open for free-and-Twitter-based nomination. There are a variety of awards which are very fun to read through but one cannot nominate one’s own work, so I’m letting you know because an interview wasn’t enough to make me feel super duper about my very important life and work.

Haha, work.


4 thoughts on “Internet Stuff and Stuff

  1. Ah, that was actually so cue! I didn’t know you had some stuff published in a book about your school! You should’ve said!

    On the plus, I’m glad you gave some good, more detailed answers. They were more interesting to read in my opinion. 🙂 And I’m not being biased.
    And I did wonder where the name Thalia came from, but I just thought I was another one that you had thought up of like Scarlwright (which you so should’ve mentioned!).



    1. Er, I forgot… I’lll show you sometime.

      Thank you! Haha no, Thalia is a proper name. ‘Scarlwright Sisters’ is so in progress that it’s almost going backwards… when the time is right, promotion will happen. 🙂


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