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MCRmy Census & New Site Update (please read and tell me your ideas!)

Good afternoon, snowflakes. There’s some good news and some irritating news:

First off, I’ve now logged over a hundred census entries into the database, and currently have about forty more to do – although every time I blog there’s an influx of entries, and it’s open unil the end of April, so if I haven’t emailed you with confirmation yet, please be patient. I will get through it all!

Next, I’ve successfully made an email account for the new site: thewebways@hotmail.co.uk (it was you guys’ favourite name)! However, things have been tricky from that point onwards because ‘The Webways’ is actually already in existence as a website. TheWebways.com is an internet-design site, which is a far less cool meaning than the one MCR sang about, but whatever. Because it already exists, there’s no way to make a .com or wordpress.com URL. There is, however, the option to purchase, for $17, ‘thewebways.net’ or ‘thewebways.org’. My first thought was to make it ‘livingonthewebways’ instead, but that’s been taken, as has ‘MCRchives’.  So, we have a few solutions available:

  • Use another name altogether
  •  Use an alternate name such as ‘thewebwaysMCRmy’ (which is what I used for the Twitter) and if the site takes off, get the .net or .org domain using donations from contributors and readers, or
  • I’ll buy .net or .org straight up, using money from my ‘crazy projects’ fund, and save us the hassle of swapping things around later.

It’s your call, guys. Seventeen US dollars, according to Google, is around ten pounds sterling, or around fifteen Australian dollars. Not a fortune compared with what some sites will have you pay – and the domain is bought for a year – but not fifty pence either. Do you think this is a good enough project to spend money on straight away or do we wait and see? If you contributed or used the site – which is going to be pretty damn awesome, by the way, if my flatplans are anything to go by – how would you feel about donating to buy the domain in future?

Incidentally, I will only feature projects and sites which are submitted to me; or ones I have your express permission to feature. So if you’ve got a project or site and you’d like to see it featured, start letting me know either by email or Twitter, or in a comment.


6 thoughts on “MCRmy Census & New Site Update (please read and tell me your ideas!)

  1. I like all of the above ideas, because i know i’m really useless on web/ICT stuff, i do know that webways.net sounds REALLY cool.

    another thing, completely off topic,


    Sorry you guys that don’t have facebook. Fran, sign into mine or something.

    It is times like these that 1. i wonder if i’m into the wrong brother, and 2. woder if mango coloured hair will become a fashion thing.

    Thats all for today folks. I’ve been to the dentist, it was painfl, and i’m hungry. Food is better than you guys. xx 🙂


      1. I already saw that, and the black & white one, on Twitter – there’s one of Mikey floating around somewhere…

        I think the photographer called it a ‘pajamma shot’.



  2. Am happy to fund the domain purchase if needed – webways.net sounds kinda cool. think it would be a shame to have to find a new name now and as others have already used possible names for their own mcr related projects might be best sticking with webways theme.
    and £10 (or whatever it is) is a small price to pay to get this kind of project up and running. might be your ‘crazy project’ but it’s for the benefit of many & you’ve already done loads for it so you shouldn’t have to pay. I can send you money via paypal if you’d like – just let me know how much and when 🙂
    you could set up a paypal account using the email address you’ve listed then people can send funds to it whenever they want – giving you funding for domain registration for a few years !!


    1. I think that is a really good idea! I would contribute to this too.
      I also think .net sounds pretty cool actually, it’s not just plain ol’ dotcom. Plus, I really like the ‘thewebways’ idea.


      1. Aw, thank you guys!

        I like the PayPal idea. There is a ‘business’ account they offer, which WP does allow to be featured on the sidebar of the site, but to get any form of account you have to be 18, which I’m not.

        So, having had a think, what will probably happen is me buying .net, and when in a year and a half, assumming the site’s still going, I’ll set up a PayPal on it to cover costs. I don’t mind funding it myself to begin with, and if in a couple of years the site’s a success, hopefully no one else will mind paying me back.

        And if it’s not… Well, sometimes you have to take a leap of faith, and at least I’m not spending the money on something illicit.


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