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My New Life Ambition/What Will Actually Be My Life in 10 Years…

Many thousands of thank-yous to Cassie Whitt for Tweeting about AskPoison, I think it’s my new favourite website.

Continuing the what-I’d-quite-like-to-be-doing-in-a-couple-of-decades theme, I wouldn’t mind doing something along the lines of this:


Anyway, that’s enough self-absorbtion for one post. I’ll talk about something Christmassy over the next few weeks. Anyone know any excellent, selfless, tis-the-season-to-help-others stories? Preferably about things other people have done, I know what you lot are like…



4 thoughts on “My New Life Ambition/What Will Actually Be My Life in 10 Years…

  1. Read the question again, stupid. I’m refering to ellen and i as the younger person, so Mikey. Thats what i meant.

    you’re jumping to conclusions. i never even said there was ACTUALLY a female Gerard, did i? Please say i didn’t.

    Soooo, there was somethuing else i wanted to say. AH, Yes.

    All of you ickle subscribers and readers, go to facebook, (I don’t care if you have it or not.), and go liike/subscribe do whatever it asks you to do once you have typed in Indiffeernt Ignornace into the top.

    Or else:,r:3,s:0&biw=1440&bih=743

    (another long link, i know, but don’t moan.)

    I will send my “little” friendy out to get you.


    x 🙂


    1. I know you and Ellen are younger than me, I remember before you came along and Lauren and I had some peace.

      I tried typing the address in and it came up as ‘page not found’…


  2. Nice to see what you aspire to be like. I’ll be the tall, sexy one. Ellen can take it a step further, and be the tallER, manly one, and you, Frank, caan just be short.
    Not so much effieminate or adolescent, i’m afraid. It’s hard to take short people so seriously. 🙂

    Or a more serious, kind of related note, take a look at this:,r:3,s:0

    God, that is one bhell of a web address. But, is it me, or does the 4th person in look like the femal version of Gerard.
    Told You.

    Off to watch good ol’ ‘stenders now.

    Am good for coffee on Wednesday.

    x 🙂


    1. Party never said anything about not being sexy.

      But I hear you on the Panic! front. He does, just a little.

      Wait. THE female version of Gerard? There is one?!


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