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Reason #583873449 Why MCR is Better Than Your Favourite Band: They Play Kids’ TV Shows.


I’m bummed I can’t put the video on here, but I’m only just getting to grips with WP’s ‘PressThis’ button, and I don’t think it worked anyway. So you can have a picture of the band in their, er, ski suits.

For those of us who don’t live in the US, Yo Gabba Gabba is a children’s television show with costumed characters, animations and music. Gerard’s actually hinted at this happening before, in fact… So grab your raygun and start dancing along with the nearest four-year-old!

Was it just me who thought they were wearing their Killjoy gear but with shorts at first glance? Either way, I’m glad Party Poison’s hair’s made a comeback, even if it is for a programme where the children are told that ‘MCR’ means ‘Music Can Rock’. Does this mean that Every Snowflake is Different will feature on the next album?

Stay tuned for the billions of memes that will definitely emerge when this goes viral. Oh, wait. I just glanced at Twitter and look what’s trending:

I guess not everyone appreciates the ski suits.

Rock ‘n’ roll.


Here’s what Gerard had to say. Which wasn’t much, but Dewees was definitely supposed to be blue.


6 thoughts on “Reason #583873449 Why MCR is Better Than Your Favourite Band: They Play Kids’ TV Shows.

  1. p.s. im watching teenagers on youtube, and various loreal and pantene hair adverts keep popping up.


    x 🙂


    1. The blog’s been snowing since the 1st, get with the programme! But yeah, everything’s very snowflake-y at the moment.

      I get the feeling Dewees volunteered to be blue… What’s a ‘stropp’ model?


  2. Mikey looks, really really really pleased with his outfit. Like a stropp model might if she didn’t like hers. (Musn’t be stereotypical – the model MIGHT be a man, so therefore He. But he would be gay, so he won’t mind)

    Just lost my trail of thought………..

    oh yeah —– I LOVE the fact that Dewees is painted blue?!

    He has some guts—unless he volunteered in the first place.

    sorry, i’m in note taking mode.

    WOAHHHHH< wordpress just started snowing on me??? Frank, did you set it to do that? It's kinda cool though. Festive, some might call it. At least i can say its snowing now. even if it isnt in reality.

    what else…?

    Rays smile is…..scary and slightly disturbing. And one of the snowflakes has a moustache. hmmm.

    Thats all. of to do homeworky stuff now. fun fun fun.

    x 🙂


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