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It’s the Fifth Day of the Summer Holidays, and I’m Already Spamming You With Time-Wasting Videos. You’re Welcome.


  Recently, WordPress has been doing this odd thing where parts of my posts have been deleted and not published. Once I hit ‘save draft’ or ‘publish’, the stuff I’ve written that WP has issues with disappears, never to return. So, sadly, I lied about the videos on this post. They all disappeared, along with some text, leaving a huge space. It’s not much compensation, but this blog still contains Mr. Men plasters.

  I will be looking into the problem.

  Actual post:

How has everyone’s holidays been so far? I’ve dyed my hair blue (no, not all of it), been dragged around town buying clothes I don’t need (the day before we went on holiday last year, Mum ransacked my suitcase. I survived then and I shall survive now) and bought miniature water pistols to use as rayguns (I still owe my nan the pound they put her back).

Because this is the expanse that is the summer holidays, I’ve also spent a lot of time in front of the TV and my laptop screen. Here are some of the better things I’ve chanced across:

Oh, I almost forgot: Ruby, too, has been busy:

From: Ruby

To: Frank

I had a dream where you died last night. You had arm cancer and then it spread to your brain and you didn’t come into school for a week and you died. And everyone one was all ‘Oh, Frank was so manly and heroic as she never mentioned her illness’. And I was all ‘That’s a shame, I won’t be able to send her a postcard now’.

So um yeah.

Don’t worry, I assured her I’m alive.


7 thoughts on “It’s the Fifth Day of the Summer Holidays, and I’m Already Spamming You With Time-Wasting Videos. You’re Welcome.

  1. Dear god, wordpress has gone really, really spazzy!! I was about to write something about the post, and when I went to read it over again, I find that the whole lot has diappeared!!!!!! HELP!!!!!

    I keep refreshing, but it’s still blank…..

    I hate wordpress sometimes!

    I’ll check in later on to see if it has changed.

    x 🙂


  2. Oh, and er, just out of curiosity, I Googled “Disappointed face” and came up with one you, especially, might like. As in, REALLY like. I know you too well, Frank. Admit it. You and I both know that I can read your mind.


    Wow, sorry about that. It is a really long link. But then I suppose you’ll be spending a really long time staring at it. The picture that is, not the link.


    1. HA!


      I was so hopeful it’d be My Chem pulling faces. Or you pulling faces. Or Fred. Pulling a face.

      I love the spell/grammar check! I can read everything without having to double back – and you still sound like you!

      I can’t remember any MCR-related dreams… That’s possibly for the best.


  3. Ah, it’s just like the dream I had about Mikey Way visiting our old school field and then time-travelling with us. That was really weird, and when I woke up the next day, I felt like such a fangirl. Urgh.

    Loving the disappointed face, and quite liking the song. It’s different, but good. I will still miss MorningWood though.

    And I notice you have changed the website links down the side. And the titles of them and the “Archive.”

    You may have noticed that this is quite a small comment for me. This would be because what I have to say, I already told you today, and also, I’m attempting to spell-check it. Do I have the time to spell/grammar check all the other, usual, monstrous comments? NO. So make the most of this nice little correct one. I doubt this phase of checking will last for long.

    Off to type holiday diary now. I might even post bits that you wrote relating to My Chem. They’re quite funny really. But don’t fret, my little rock. I promise not to post any of the more personal stuff. That is, as the pact we made so many years ago, for our eyes only (And I bet all you other people/minions want to desperately read some now. Just because we said you couldn’t. Fat Chance, I tell you. There are to be two copies only. Yep, I know ).

    Stuff the small comment. It turned out medium size.

    Never Mindy.

    Nice plasters.

    Bel x 🙂


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