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Learn From This, Annoying Orange

  This is what my RS class watched today.

  Yes, we are supposed to be taking full course GCSE.

  Here’s a mishmash of all advent doors so far…

  Know what it is yet?! People who do don’t count and if you ruin it for everyone else you will not get Christmas presents.


9 thoughts on “Learn From This, Annoying Orange

  1. awesome video!!!! legendary lol sooo much better than the annoying orange…that is almost more annoying than Maxim!!! …almost 😐 i really cant work out the advent thing i would say i will check back all the time to check the new photos but i still have no internet so i wont make any promises


  2. Really? You watched that? Im speechless. we watch bend it like beckham which is ok i suppose but it could be better.

    still cant work out advent pics. but yknow what. imma gonna give lauren a gift like that every year!!! think of the money id save. talking of money, im 50 quid in dept. fun fun fun!!!

    not. But….

    ive found a good way to entertain myself in science. me and ag sit on the back bench playing hangman with lyrics. its very fun. todays was…

    _ _ _ _/ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _/ _ _ _/ _ _ _ _ _ _ _/
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _/…..

    it lasted all lesson. which is bad. coz her dads a surgeon. and if you cant work it out, thatll make no sense to you. oh well. im sure your used to my waffling by now. this time i put 5 waffles into 1. god im getting like lauren with all this talking.

    its a good job she doesnt read it.

    dont know why. probs “below” her. entertains me okay. Well it fills music lessons. and gives me something to waffle on about.

    Might see monty pythons spamalot next year. should be good. see you soon, and on the day after the day after!

    bel xxx soz bout waffle. you didnt have to read it all. 🙂



      Wanna watch Life of Brian Friday?! I’m all Christmassy and I love Ross’ version of Brian’s Mum.

      Was the hangman ‘Don’t sever that artery, Jim Bob, we can’t afford another lawsuit’?!


    1. Do you mean the massacre of your drawing or Veggie Tales? We also watched their version of The Parable of the Good Samaritan but all the YouTube videos of it were pretty bad so I just used the one.


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