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Introducing Agent S.

  I made her this afternoon after we got let out of school early because it started to snow. Honestly, this country has lost all its backbone since the war… But enough about the weather; meet Agent S., the newest Killjoy to grace my back garden and fight in a zone:




  After I had frozen most appendages rolling snow, I made cakes with Danger Days playing, helping me keep beat as I battled with sugar. Apart from discovering the flour ran out in August, nothing too bad happened. Well, my plan for blood-red icing got foiled because the food colouring expired in May. And the sprinkles exploded onto the counter so I couldn’t use many of them. But nothing else.


6 thoughts on “Introducing Agent S.

  1. But hey, commenting is good for the soul. who ncares if i have nothing better to do on a snow day.

    im going now. to do the work that our sdadist headteacher set us to do. i hate my school.

    x 😀


    1. He set you work on the day off?! Wow. That’s cruel. I’m doing Physics homework (which I can’t complain about, I should have done it ages ago).

      Yes, Mikey likes print.

      But that’s not his wife, that’s Gerard 😀

      There might be some on sale Friday. But if we can’t go, you two can come over and we’ll have a party. Sound good?

      And, yes, you do sound a bit sad. GO AND HAVE A SNOWBALL FIGHT WITH LAUREN!

      Oh, and the Sherlock Holmes thing was deliberate, sort of. I wanted her to look like a miner. If you have a pipe, bring it Saturday (or Sunday, maybe) and we’ll rename her Agent S., Killjoy, of Zone 221B Baker Street, London.


  2. i really should stop waffling on to you. people will think im a weirdo.

    which i suppose…. i am. 😦 *sniff*

    bel x 😦


  3. yep, back again to waffle.

    Ive realised a re occuring (big words, i know!!)theme to mikeys outfits.

    Tiger print…!?

    In nanananana, in the nme photo shoot and loafds of other photo shoots he seems to be wearing

    black and yellow tiger print or a black and khaki tiger print.

    his wife must like leopard print. 🙂

    Thats another bit of useless information that you can treasure. bel x 🙂


  4. p.s as if i dont leave long enough comments already, i like the festive snow. i would say christmas but y’know, you cant say that anymore because of our ‘multi religious country.’ tough. nice xmasy snow. 🙂


  5. if im being really honest, the 3rd pic down of agent S. (Killjoy, First Class (Im assuming! :))looks more like sherlock holmes. bit otherwise, very cool.

    cakes are equally cool. lozza and i made pancakes!! Yum. But we had no maple syrupy stuff, squirty honey or any thing pancakey. so we used choc spread. yum.
    heard about the tickets! damn. unfair. now im wishing that the band wasnt so popular. we could have got tickets then.

    oh well.

    kumite comp on sunday. u going?

    bel x 🙂


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