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Music Teaches People… I Know What the American National Anthem Sounds Like.

  The steady hum of my laptop ripping Danger Days is incredibly comforting. Almost as much as listening to it in bed at six in the morning is…

  I have a cold, okay, and it’s my alarm.

  There’s no point in reviewing the album, because a) most people reading this already have and love it, and b) everyone else in the universe did when it went on YouTube. Instead, I have some questions for the band:

  • What’s up with the titchy lyrics in the booklet? I have to hold it up to the light when I want to check I’m not mishearing Gerard’s screaming.
  • Is the case supposed to break within a day of owning it? Actually, its record is better than Bullets’, that one fell apart ten minutes after I bought it.
  • Does Bob get royalties for the songs he’s credited as writing?
  • Who decided to sell it for ten quid starting price? Not that anyone’s complaining or anything. Only this is the first time I’ve ever paid full price for a CD and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t £15.99.
  • Can you translate the Japanese on Party Poison for us uneducated people who can only speak English? Please?!

  You know, I remember when Party Poison was called Death Before Disco, when it got put on the Internet after MCR’s shows at The Roxy. I’d try to make that sound all sentimental, but it was summer 2009…

  I also don’t get to reminisce about being one of the 5000 people at the Hammersmith Apollo to hear Planetary (GO!) before everyone else, because it was only a month ago.

  Can I gloat about the irony of wearing a t-shirt that says ‘I ♥ Steve, Righ?’ to the show instead?




2 thoughts on “Music Teaches People… I Know What the American National Anthem Sounds Like.

  1. i agree frank, and also, why put white words on a yellow-ish background?

    i must be blind or something becuse i CANT SEE THE WORDS.

    waste of ink really. anyway, dont talk too much, poor el hasnt got it yet!!!!! oh well.

    did you have fun in southend???

    bel x 🙂

    p.s we have twin alarm clocks. i like the way that i wake up to LOOK ALIVE SUNSHINE, 109 IN THE SKY BUT THE PIGS WONT QUIT….

    it makes me think of….. lauren. 🙂


    1. Tell you what, in Greece next year we’ll use it as an alarm.

      By the end of the holiday, she’ll have tattoo sleeves and hair like Ray.


      Southend was rather, fun, thank you. I like the Goth shops.


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