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Lack of Black

  Welcome to www.indifferentignorance.com.

  It’s my new favourite website, coming in above even MCR.com and Twitter. Definitely higher than IHateGerardWay.com.

  Which doesn’t actually exist.

  Major thank-yous to the girls, Ellen and Isobel, for putting up with my conversation starters of “So what do you think I should do to Indifferent Ignorance?” and then disagreeing with them, and Pugsley for, well, being Pugsley. Also to everyone at Neraida for putting up with the girl in the corner huddling over her laptop, even in the midst of a flood. I don’t know whose idea it was to set up wireless Internet in the restaurant, but I owe you a tip. A large one.

  Ruby, Advent is on its way.

  Comments on the new look please?

  Happy Halloween and twenty-ninth birthday, Frank (Iero. I’m not that old yet).


14 thoughts on “Lack of Black

      1. Good Frank.

        Patience, my dear friend. All good things come to those who wait.

        Also, on a completely unrelated note, I really want to make my own advent calender. However I get the feeling that this would completely ruin the whole point of it, as there would be no element of surprise.


  1. Oh God, I just saw that Elizabeth had said the same thing as me. Aren’t we getting repetitive.

    Also realised my previous comment sounded rather negative. Don’t take that way. It was a compliment.


  2. It’s an improvement. Less eye-killing. More retina-preserving.

    I’d just redo the header if I were you, making sure the text is the right size to start with, so you won’t have to do a dodgy resize in paint, and save it as a png not jpeg!


  3. Likin it! All very greekish colour wise? i though we said midnight blue? Still, looks good, and more attractive then black and black. they made good conversation starters. really. 🙂 Well it saved us from maxim and ross st-stuttering something at us.
    Glad to back? I wouldnt be.

    Bel 🙂 xxx


    1. I didn’t make the link to Greece, but now you mention it…

      The ‘midnight blue’ option looked bad. Very bad. So we went back to the drawing board and found, ‘steel blue’. Or something.

      I’m cold and I have homework – no. But efhariksto 🙂


  4. Lovely, dahling. Truly splendid.

    As you asked for it, if you used a higher resolution and saved the file as a larger one on picnik it wouldn’t be so blurry.

    But, it looks very nice. I’d say I’m proud, but I’m not quite old enough to be your mother.


    1. I already did that (I think) and it looked bloody awful. Will mess around when I don’t have a pile of washing to unpack.

      If you were my mother, time would truly be warped.


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