April 2010 · Photogenius · School *choke* · THE WORLD *head in hands*

WWI: Started 1914, Finished 1945

  Gotta love the Europeans. For a country that only contains 731,000,000 people, we sure are good at fucking up the rest of the planet. Which is apparently marginally less than sixty billion people.   Here is some evidence of this:   Can you guess where we went yet? No? Here’s some more clues.    

  I came more close to crying on that two-day trip than I have in the last year at anything (including when Bob left My Chem). I only have to explain to a retard why. Ever been in a graveyard? Ever been in one full of the remains of twenty-five thousand men thrown in a mass grave? Seen a memorial? How about one to fifty-five thousand soldiers with no known grave? 

  Bummer. In case you are retarded, it was a school trip to Belgium (though we slept in Lille without realising and the Somme is French)… 

  I said I’d name drop, so here are some photos of Pugsley and I thoroughly enjoying ourselves, along with the rest of the Most Disliked, Loud Group to Sit On the Coach:




  More photos coming soon if Ruby emails me them and I get Pugsley to show me how my phone works. 

  Happy belated St George’s Day. 



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