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Oh, Ma God.


I am worried. Really worried. About a person other than myself; which is unusual. I am worried about this man:


  Mr. Gerard Way is my most favourite famous person ever, followed closely by his brother Mikey and the rest of My Chem. You don’t want to know why, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

  You know how everyone, at some time in their life, hears someone say something that just clicks, and makes perfect sense? For me it wasn’t , say, Britney Spears or a Bon Jovi lyric, it was Gerard saying that he didn’t get song lyrics from personal experience (clearly, Helena slipped his mind), but from people watching. And eleven-year-old me thought ‘Thank God it’s not just me who does that’. I got into My Chem, tra la la, and ever since I have hung on to his every word and laughed, although I was sad, when he smoked cigarettes.

  I was on the MCR website half an hour ago and I read A Message from Frank. Gee has a bad throat. Which Ellen has, LiZzi had and is not a bad thing. Unless you are the frontman of a touring band whose lyrics have literally saved people’s lives. I wouldn’t even be too upset, except Frank mentioned  ‘the best treatment possible’. HAS GEE SMOKED ONE FAG TOO MANY AND DEVELOPED THROAT CANCER??? I AM PREPARED FOR HIM TO DIE OF TOBACCO POISONING BUT NOT WHEN HE IS THIRTY-TWO AND I AM FOURTEEN. I STILL NEED HIM TO SAY SMART THINGS AND MAKE ME FEEL BETTER BECAUSE I HATE PEOPLE AND NEED TO KNOW  THAT THEM HATING ME IS OKAY. HE NEEDS TO SEE HIS DAUGHTER BECOME THE AWESOME PERSON SHE WILL BE AND MAKE SURE THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY RUNS FOR SEVERAL YEARS.

  So please, you know, don’t die, Gerard. If you can witness 9/11 and not get crushed by a stray falling brick, you can survive a sore throat. I hear Lockets are excellent. There are thousands of kids relying on you and your band so don’t be not okay. Get, as you like to say, the fuck up. Oh, and thank you. I am watching Music and Lyrics and I saw Life on the Murder Scene on a shelf in the background. Dallas made me laugh. I bonded with my friends over your Alistair Darling haircut. You gotta help finish the new album so we can laugh at your ‘dancing’.


2 thoughts on “Oh, Ma God.

  1. I really wanna copy what you just wrote, claim it as my own and paste it into a comment on the My Chem page so that they can marvel at my intelligence and wit.

    Because I found it rather funny.

    But I wouldn’t do that. Because I’m too nice.



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