Hello from definitely-springtime

So last I wrote I was excited for spring AND THEN IT SNOWED.

But the frost has gone for good this year I think, replaced by torrential rain that times an appearance for just as you’re putting the bins out. I am extremely excited for springtime, more than usual. Mostly because this year I know which plants on campus set off my hayfever and I’ve prepared.

Also, I have two shows in my diary between now and August, plus two entire trips out of the country. One is a holiday and the other is an academicy trip I signed up for with uni thinking ‘I’ll never be accepted’ and then I was and now I have to learn Dutch. Either way, lads, it’s about to be skirt weather and I’m in an unreasonably good mood for someone averaging six hours of sleep a night. I might have to replace my Birkenstocks. That’s a lie. I will have to replace them, because pieces are falling off them. AND I DON’T MIND.

That’s what a good mood is, knowing you’re going to have to source summer shoes and therefore visit a shoe shop (which is either a fun experience or absolutely the pits of hell, there is no in between and no way to know which before you’re doing it) and you don’t mind. Those extra hours of sunlight really do make a difference, huh…

See you in April!

Look after yourselves,


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