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2011 Things I Did in 2011 (or not)

It’s the got to the time of year when I make a list of mostly irrelevant things that went on in the last twelve months…


I discover The Left Rights and am forever changed, some countries in the middle east get stuck into revolutions and are forever changed. Isobel, Ellen and I leave a Primark bag full of Killjoy clothes in Costa Coffee, where they are rescued and handed in by my friend Robyn and her nan.


My Chemical Romance contaminate Wembley Arena and shoot a video for Planetary (GO!) a few days later. Enough said.


March is the international month: I go to Berlin with my school the same day as the Japanese earthquake. #SINGItForJapan is created by Ray Toro and the good people of Twitter, and when Planetary comes on television, my mum tells me I could have gone to the shoot.


I made brief notes about this post before I started, and April 2011 will henceforth be known as ‘The Month Where Loads of Stuff Happened’. While on work experience I dye my hair blue, a few weeks later I get my ears pierced. William and Kate get married the same day it emerges that Glenn Beck is a twat (I think some American people already knew this, but the UK doesn’t get FOX TV). I discover I Have Been All Things Unholy and have grappled with the moral dilemma of it ever since.


Osama Bin Laden gets killed, yay, and From Shibuya With Love arriving makes my entire week. More yay, especially as it was for charity so is double-sided, guilt-free awesomeness.


Ellen and Isobel give me a makeover, something I agreed to at New Year and which they taped for use against me. After several hours with hair straighteners and the girls’ weapons of mass destruction (makeup) I look rather different. I write an essay on the MCRmy with wicked timing.



The final Harry Potter film gets released, school finally ends and the News of the World ceases publication after 168 years of privacy invasion, shit talking and Rupert Murdoch. Amy Winehouse dies on MCR Day.


MCR play Reading and Leeds and explode the universe (okay, the Killjoys’ universe) with the entire show. Brian May joins them wearing Wellington boots. Bob Bryar, I believe, returns to Twitter. It emerges he has spent the last eighteen months growing a beard, collecting dogs and building tables. Some looting occurs in England, started by people who saw the Arab Spring and decided a democratic state needed the same treatment.


Pedicone gets chucked from the MCR camp and I write 10 Years, 10 Days. Gerard dyes his hair back to black and I visit Stratford-upon-Avon with school. If anyone gets the chance to see the RSC version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, take it, if only for the pillow fight and floating chairs.


Gaddafi gets killed, I attempt a video blog and Frank Iero turns thirty. The weather forgets that it’s October and drenches us with sunshine. I go to MCM for the first time and mistake every Glee school uniform for I’m Not Okay cosplay. Mindless Self Indulgence announce a tour… but not in Europe.


Danger Days turns one (where did that go?!), I make a DeviantART account for reasons I’m still fuzzy about and I have mocks at school so blog about books and MCR even more than usual.


Every Snowflake’s Different gets aired and firmly cements My Chem as the Most Dangerous Band in the World. Strictly Come Dancing fever gets to me (SPARKLES AND DANCING. SPARKLES AND DANCING) and Kim Jong-il dies – does anyone else get the feeling God came back off holiday this year or something? I leave a sleepover early to do work and finish this post (told you I’d do it!).

Regarding the stuff I omitted to mention: I either don’t have photographs (Zante) or have forgotten about it. In which case, rest assured knowing that 2011 has been pretty good for everything excpet GCSE candidates or crazyshit dictators. Happy New Year!

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Where would we be without DESTROYA, S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W or Planetary (GO!)? Well, our keyboards might be better off… Happy Birthday ‘Danger Days’!

Today is one year since Danger Days: the True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys was released. I’m still not sure if the ‘the’ should be capitalised… Normally the word after a colon isn’t, but I’m not sure if that affects titles. If this was a Tweet, I would add #GrammarNaziIssues.

Anyway, here are some of my favourite interviews, press releases, videos and general stuff rom the past year (some of which I will never, ever, get tired of posting):








Bring on the next year.

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I wasn’t sure who to text/Twitter-ify/email first, so I thought I’d put my joyous news on here and go to bed happy that everyone’s equal.


It’s so pretty, isn’t it?! So’s this, I think:

Yes, that is being held down by a pot of hemp cream and a geography textbook.

Oh, and it’s also a few signatures. But… you know…

Small detail.

I am so happy, I’m walking around all smiley. Woo!

Is it wrong to be grateful for the #SINGItForJapan campaign because it got me a signed lithograph? Yes, it is (in my defense, I was only expecting Frank’s).

Happy Thursday!

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I was going to talk about t-shirts printing the wrong colour and needles being poked through ears, but then I logged on to Twitter and saw this:

I really have nothing to add. I don’t even want to talk at the people who call the MCRmy a cult… Because this video speaks for itself.

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It’s the 2nd of April… That Has Nothing to Do With this Blog.

Some of you may be aware of a little project called #SINGItForJapan – if not, Ray Toro can explain, he’s the one behind it. Anyway, here is my contribution. Not very fancy, but I’ve only had Photoshop ten minutes.

In other news, please vote for My Chem in MTV’s March Madness contest. You know the MCRmy are a better fan base than Paramore’s fans. I know it. It’s time to show the whole world it. Click and click and keep clicking, Killjoys!

I only wrote that last sentence because of how cool it sounded in my head.

On Thursday I was a reserve in the local Speak Out competition. Thankfully I wasn’t one of the three reserves chosen to speak in the final, but I did vote for the guy who eventually won to be in it. Love democracy. Anyway, check out the top three speeches here (I don’t know if they’re on YouTube).

Some of the others, reserve and finalist ones, almost made me cry or fall off my chair laughing. One boy blamed everything bad about England on Fabio Capello, another had a thing or two to say about elderly people and another did a sketch on chewing gum, which sounds boring but really, really, wasn’t.

It got me thinking: if I had got off my arse and remembered to write the entire speech, not just snippets in the staff room at work experience, I might have done quite well. In fact, I rather made everyone laugh with a rant on fangirls a few weeks ago. If I re-wrote and videoed them, and stuck them on YouTube, would anyone watch them?